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  • Marilyn Craaybeek - Worst machine ever!

    I had one of the first Haans and it worked great for years. Then I bought the next one with more bells and whistles, like the hand held tank. I used it for a couple of years and it bit the dust. I called Haan and ordered a new one. This one did not steam for more than a month and would not heat. They replaced it, but I used it twice and was in the hospital for a gunshot wound and did not use it for months. when I started using it, it would intermittently heat and not very hot at that. Haan would not replace it because it was two weeks out of warranty. I bought a bissel on Amazon and this beats the Haan all to pieces. Please don't buy this sorry piece of garbage steamer - get a bissel. That steamer really steams and got spots off the linoleum floor that the Haan had never taken off in all the time I used it. Get a Bissel.

  • Ronald Keyes - Ultra Cleanse...

    Upon taking this product, I just have to ask, "Where have you been all my life?" I had been sick with constipation for so long that I couldn't stand it and didn't want to take some nasty tasting liquid so I decided to try this product. I am becoming more 'regular' and energized! Thank you Ultra Cleanse!

  • Lisa McDonough - Awesome and love the after color!

    I got this because I used a dark brown dye that made my hair look muddy and inky colored. I dye my hair a lot and honestly can't even remember what exactly the base color looks like! Just used color oops today and am amazed at how well it worked. The smell is way over analyzed by other reviewers...it pretty much smells like a perm and if u're a girl like me who frequently colors, etc. It's no more obnoxious than any other dye/chemical smells. The only thing I don't like is how runny it is-it makes it hard to apply and I felt like I wasn't getting it through enough. But I guess I did cause my hair (for the first time in a long time) is evenly light brown colored. I shampooed with prell cause it's clarifying, rinsed for 5 min, shampooed again, rinsed for 20 min. Yes it sux and is really annoying doing it for that long but it's necessary! In fact I rinsed for so long that I ran out of hot water so I didn't condition yet-gonna wait a little later till I have hot water again! Then I'll probably deep condition for 20 min. I got a box of dye with it but the color isn't bad so I don't feel the rush to color for now!

  • bookem t - good looking cart bag

    It has about everything needed in a cart bag. The blue looks a little darker on the bag than the picture which I like along with the price that was a lot cheaper than Academy's price. Delivery was quicker than expected...thanks!

  • Wendy Dorman - Awesome book!

    Awesome book!! I passed boards first time. The DVD explains how to answer NCLEX questions very well. Also the online material is excellent. Be sure to remember that only generic drug names are on the exam. Good luck!

  • Teryl Hughes - The Clek Fllo seemed to be very solidly built but we purchased something else that fit in the car better and was easier to insta

    It didn't fit in my Rav4, despite seeking help from a professional child safety seat expert. The Clek Fllo seemed to be very solidly built but we purchased something else that fit in the car better and was easier to install. Was able to send it back to Amazon for free and they processed by return quickly. So, all in all, it was a fine experience it just didn't work out for my vehicle.