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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Amazon Customer - Great mats!

    These are awesome. Thick, heavy duty. ..great at protecting the carpet. The back mat covers the entire carpeted area. Exactly what I was looking for! Highly recommend these mats.

  • Happy mom - Absolutely love it!

    Very easy to put together, maintain, and maneuver. It's a very solid frame and accessories, and is much cheaper than its competitors. I particularly like the fact these wheels will never need to be reinflated, and that they have no risk of getting punctured. The handle bar adjusts to both my height and my husband's, and it has lots of storage. I did a lot of research before investing in this stroller, and I absolutely love it!

  • bwan - Worth every penny

    OK So I got lucky and bought before the price went up, but these shoes were worth every bit of what they are going for now. Very comfortable and nice looking. I wear Size 13 shoes. Shimano only makes a few models in this size, BUT the 48s worked for me. My big toes barely touch the front end of the shoe. I'm happy. The ratchet strap is a nice feature and makes it easy to get in and out. They stay secure during the ride. I highly recommend this shoe, even if you are a size 13.

  • Vincent Mahoney - Tired of Capcom's treatment of Mega Man? Inti Creates is, too.

    Longitme fans of Mega Man may be missing the exhilarating action of the series since Capcom (seemingly) shelved the series a few years ago. Azure Striker Gunvolt plays similarly to the Mega Man Zero series- players are rewarded and earn ranks for performing well in action stages and gain higher scores with additional benefits for clearing stages quickly. The music is great and very reminiscent of Mega Man, which is to be expected of Inti Creates. The graphics are crisp and clean pixel animation that are extremely pleasing to the eye, as well, so you'll have a game that should please you both aurally and aesthetically.

  • CarlSr - Office 2010

    Excellent product for self teaching. Very easy to work with. It also allows you go back as often and replay as often as you like.

  • Dan W - I can say that this is more concise and easy to understand

    This is my second book that talks about meditation, I can say that this is more concise and easy to understand, however, same with the last one, short but more comprehensive.. I got this books because I believed that through yoga and meditation, I can clear my mind and relieve myself from stress.. Nice book.

  • Rad Ben - as expected

    Easy to use, one of the best antivirus out there, pretty light and seasy to use with a good interface, i have used it for few years now with no apparent problem.