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Top Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Rehab - Orange County CA - Get help from Balboa Horizons - an inspirational and highly effective residential treatment program for addiction to drugs (like opiates) or alcohol.

  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/about-us/ About Us - Balboa Horizons Treatment Center - Find out the philosophy and history of one the top drug rehab centers in the U.S. We are located in (Orange County) Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, CA.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/about-us/why-balboa-horizons/ Why Balboa Horizons for Drug Rehabilitation ? Here are Reasons - Balboa Horizons has been changing lives for 10+ years using a cutting edge addiction treatment recovery model for males and females in gender specific programs.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/about-us/meet-our-treatment-team/ Meet the Staff of Balboa Horizons - Meet the individuals who make our treatment center for young adults in Orange County California so successful.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/about-us/drug-treatment-locations/ Top Drug Rehab in CA | Balboa Horizons | Newport Beach, CA - Get help from our treatment center in Orange County (Southern California) which has been helping people recover from addiction for 10+ years. Insurance accepted.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/about-us/photo-gallery/ Balboa Horizons Photo Gallery - Addiction Treatment Center - See what getting treatment at our drug rehab is like by taking a photo tour. Includes pictures of activities, residential quarters, and the surrounding area.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/about-us/licensing-accreditation/ Licensed & Accredited California Drug Alcohol Treament - Balboa Horizons Addiction Recovery Programs are licensed through the state of California’s Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs as a residential program
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/about-us/memberships-affiliations/ Balboa Horizons Drug Alcohol Treatment Center Memberships - BBB is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on businesses and memberships. Balboa Horizons memberships.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/video-interviews/ Video Interviews - Balboa Horizons is the top licensed drug and alcohol treatment center located in Newport Beach, California. Watch video interviews from former young adult clients!
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/programs/ Programs Offered at Balboa Horizons Treatment Center - Get help from one of the top young adult drug rehab programs in the country. See the various levels of care offered at our center in Orange County, California.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/about-us/recovery-testimonials/ Balboa Horizons Recovery Testimonials - Testimonials from previous Balboa Horizons patients. Read recovery testimonials from Balboa Horizons in Newport Beach, California.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/programs/womens-addiction-treatment/ Women's Addiction Treatment Centers | Balboa Horizons - Get help today from our women's treatment program for addiction to alcohol/drugs (incl opiates). Our center in Orange County, CA is inspiring and effective.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/programs/mens-addiction-treatment/ Mens Program - Get Help for Addiction - Balboa Horizons is a highly effective drug addiction treatment program located in Newport Beach CA. Get help with chemical dependency or alcoholism.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/programs/intensive-outpatient/ Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment at Balboa Horizons in OC - Studies on addiction recovery strongly point to the efficacy of "stepping down" from residential (or inpatient) treatment to an outpatient (or IOP) program.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/programs/dual-diagnosis-treatment/ Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Men & Women - Balboa Horizons - Get help today, we can help you or a love one manage co-occurring disorders with our dual diagnosis treatment. Our inspirational program helps men & women.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/programs/opiate-addiction-program-at-balboa-horizons/ Opiate Addiction Treatment at Balboa Horizons in CA - Get help from our drug rehab that is in an inspirational setting. Offering highly effective gender specific programs for addiction to opiates like oxycodone
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/programs/mental-health-treatment/ Mental Health Treatment - Balboa Horizons offers comprehensive mental health treatment throughout the entire continuum of care that we offer. Our therapists, counselors, and team are highly trained and very experienced in addressing moderate mental and emotional health issues.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/balboa-horizons-fitness-program/ Balboa Horizons Fitness Program - Gym memberships, outdoor fitness activities, yoga classes, experiential therapy, and more are included in Balboa Horizons' addiction treatment fitness program.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/alumni/ Balboa Horizons Alumni Services - At Balboa Horizons, we work to build trusting relationships with our clients. We are always available to alumni and encourage their active involvement.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/admissions/ Admissions - Our admissions process begins with a call to our team at 866-316-4012, to speak directly to an admissions counselor and find out more about how we can help.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/admissions/for-clients/ What To Expect (For Admitting Balboa Horizons Clients) - Read about the process of admitting and getting help from our inspiring and effective drug treatment center in Orange County CA (Newport Beach and Costa Mesa).
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/admissions/for-families/ For Families - If you have concerns for a family member’s health, or if they've asked you to assist them in finding appropriate treatment, Balboa Horizons is here to help
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/admissions/for-professionals/ For Treatment Professionals - Despite the best care, certain clients simply cannot overcome an addiction in an outpatient environment. We welcome referrals from other addiction treatment professionals.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/why-balboa-horizons-drug-and-alcohol-treatment/ Why Balboa Horizons for Drug and Alcohol Treatment | Balboa Horizons - Balboa Horizons offers the full continuum of gender specific drug and alcohol treatment for males and females.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/admissions/for-families/family-program/ Family Program - The Balboa Horizons Family Program treats the entire family system. We help families recover and identify solutions to cope with the disease of addiction.
  • http://www.balboahorizons.com/alumni/support-groups/ Support Groups - Balboa Horizons - Read about the support groups that complement the therapeutic addiction treatment offered at our drug rehab for young adults in the OC (Newport Beach and Costa Mesa).

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