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Renovation & Residential Architects Brisbane | Interior Designer | Base Architecture | Brisbane - Australia - Your Brisbane architect for Home designs, house plans, building design or office refurb. Also restaurant, healthcare or bar design from a hospitality architect.

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  • http://www.basearchitecture.com.au/awards/ Base Architecture - Multi-residential architecture in Brisbane | Base Architecture | Base Architecture | Brisbane - Australia - Multi-award winning Brisbane residential architecture firm, Base Architecture, prides itself with an impressive portfolio of awards won from 2005 to 2013.
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  • http://www.basearchitecture.com.au/capabilities/ Architectural Services | Base Architecture | Base Architecture | Brisbane - Australia - BASE Architecture is a multi award winning firm committed to producing only the highest quality of architecture. Through innovation and collaboration BASE is able to develop solutions which exceed the expectations of its clients. Capable of producing building and renovation designs incorporating the most cutting edge technology, BASE never loses sight of the client's expectations.
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