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  • Timothy J. Burrill - Abbott is Questionable

    Abbott's lack of announcement about this 25% increase in cost of their product shows an alarming disconnect between their company and their customers. Many of us stretch our already tight budgets because our children need this product. A 25% increase has significant impacts on a consumer and I can only imagine how a 25% increase in cost would impact their business. While price changes are often needed, it is the underhanded, deceitful and quite frankly unethical change by Abbott that concerns me most. They are out of touch with the economy, the consumer and most importantly, ethical business practices.

  • gaffy - If anything, this book is too in depth and ...

    If anything, this book is too in depth and too detailed. I am an adult and was prepping for the SAT so I can tutor. I found the CR sections sooooo difficult. I thought I was going to bomb the test, but in fact, the actual SAT is much easier than this test guide.

  • Michele Chastain - You'll exclaim out loud a few times at this book!

    Highly recommend this book if you like suspenseful thrillers! Excellent writing, with a buildup that keeps you guessing. Some amazing "what the heck?!" moments, too! I'll read more by this author!

  • Kathleen A. Arena - Bona-X Floor cleaner

    If you take the time to talk to any professional Hardwood Floor people they will tell you NOT to use Murphy's oil soap or ANY soap of any kind on your hardwood. I have been using this product for years and it was suggested to me by the hardwood installers that installed my floors. Given they have nothing to gain by suggesting this product I didn't hesitate to try it. They are right. I buy it by the gallon and Amazon so far, has the best price. Don't hesitate to use this product if you want to maintain your hardwood properly and keep it looking great.

  • K. Bennett - Did nothing for me

    I've been taking 2 or 3 pills per day for almost one month. I don't have any more energy and I have not lost a pound. The only good thing about these pills is no noticable side effects.

  • Amazon Customer - accessing the blue line

    i got this album a long time ago during an impulse buy trip; just cos it was in the bargain bin. and after listening to it, i saw plainly the reason for being in there with the one-hit wonders of yesteryear: ground-braking trip-hip album for the discerning music buyer... yes i'm talking about all 10 of you out there.

  • Amazon Customer - The waffle iron does not cook evenly at all - ...

    The waffle iron does not cook evenly at all - the rear 2 waffles tend to get burnt before the front 2 waffles are even cooked. Additionally, the waffles only get cooked from one side - so you get uneven cooking on each waffle as well.