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BFW Inc. | Cutting Edge Surgical Headlights - BFW is a worldwide technological leader in surgical illumination and headlight video imaging equipment.

  • http://www.bfwinc.com/mainsite/bristol/ BFW Inc. | Bristol – Portable LED Headlight System - Bristol Portable LED Headlight System. Brilliant, Lightweight, Comfortable LED.
  • http://www.bfwinc.com/mainsite/dover/ BFW Inc. | Dover – Portable LED Headlight System - Dover Portable LED Headlight System. Brilliant, Lightweight and Comfortable. True Innovation in LED Technology.
  • http://www.bfwinc.com/mainsite/montauk/ BFW Inc. | Montauk – High Intensity Portable LED Headlight - Montauk High Intensity Portable LED Headlight System. Our brightest portable LED.
  • http://www.bfwinc.com/mainsite/coax/ BFW Inc. | CoAX – High-Def Headlight/Video Imaging System - CoAX High‐Definition Headlight/Video Imaging System. For Surgeons Who Are Serious About Showing Just What They Can Do.
  • http://www.bfwinc.com/mainsite/hatteras/ BFW Inc. | Hatteras – High Intensity LED Light Source - Hatteras High Intensity LED Light Source. Innovation in Illumination – A Paradigm Shift in LED Light Sources.

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  • Elaine B - I was having a terrible fullness and ache in my liver area constantly and ...

    Wow! I was having a terrible fullness and ache in my liver area constantly and after taking these the ache and fullness were gone within days. I won't stop taking them - first relief I've had in months!

  • Nightnurse - Cant live without batteries!

    This battery recharger is everything it is cracked up to be. I love the auto shutoff so it doesn't sick down electrify all night after the charging is comlete. I did my homework and decided that this was the best charger for me. It seems like a lot of money for the batteries and the charger, but it pays for itself within a few packs of regular disposable batterries. I use this as my primary charger, but I did also purchase the rapid charger that comes with an car charging adapter. Great product. Happy camper!

  • Karen W - A Waste of Money -- and perhaps a Hoax?

    I know this product is sold through a MLM. Not sure how it got on Amazon but I gave it a whirl. Ridiculous claims. Don't waste your time or money.

  • Kelly - Where has this been my whole life!!

    This product literally made my skin tighter, brighter, pores smaller, & acne/oil gone! Skin is soooo soft & skin firmer. I use only this & the resurfacing face wash. Hands down better than anything I've ever used... Even proactive! La la love it!!!!