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www.biotechinvest.net - My main strategy is: 1) to find the small/middle cap biotech companies before they move to large cap; 2) perform scientific analysis of company technology to predict a probability of successful clinical trial results. I am a short-term trader. I pick the companies before any binary event (clinical trial results, FDA panel voting or FDA PDUFA date) and buy the company stock if the prognosis is positive. If negative I short it or buy puts. After event I usually sell this stock and switch to another one. The information and investment strategy is intended to be used as the sole basis of BiotechInvest only investment and not should be interpreted as advice designed to meet the investment needs of any particular investor.

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  • Mary Petty - Love My Gazelle

    I am enjoying the Gazelle so much, It's not real demanding,but boy can you get a workout. Really recommend it.

  • De Provence - Remington IPL6000

    I purchased this product with a little bit of hesitation as it is expensive but thought I would give it a try. I used it primarily on leg and arm hair. I have a fair complexion and brown hair which is supposedly ideal for the best results for this item. I read the directions so I would get the full benefits of the IPL. The IPL was small, nicely made and easy to use and wasn't painful even on the highest setting. I used it twice in 2 weeks as directed and was ready to use it for the third time. Upon turning the unit on the third time it did not chirp to indicate it was ready. I decided to return it since it was not working properly. Of course I did not get to see the benefits from prolonged use over time, but it did not seem to stop any hair from coming back in the spots that I used it on. They stated in the instruction booklet that you should see up to a 45% decrease in hair after just 2 uses. I did not see that result. I may have seen a 5% decrease but it is very difficult to say. Since the IPL wasn't working correctly and I was disappointed, I returned the unit for a refund.

  • Bill Nelson - Transforms Cracked Bloody Hands to Supple Pillows

    I don't want to sound like a bad ad, but this lotion really does leave my hands soft and supple. Great if you want other people to think that other people do "outside work" for you.

  • J. McLemore - Even my momma likes this album

    This album is incredible. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. I mean, from the first listen I was in love but it gets even better with repeated listens. Huge replay value. It's an album that talks about real things but is never boring. He does it so seemingly effortlessly. Usually I don't like rap albums where the rapper sings or does most of the hooks, but here it just works. This is my favorite rap album of 2014. Which is hard for me to say because it was a great year for rap. Before I heard this, RAOTY was between Pinata, PTSD, RTJ2, The Water[s], Searching Sylvan. This took the spot because nothing is realer. Cole is so relatable. Production is smooth as well.

  • Mo Ip - A Japanese knockoff of the MACBOOK AIR ...

    This (the 3215U model) is the ultimate chromebook in the $200-$400 price range, you need look no further. It has a blazing white IPS display, viewable from all angles. It has a great mac-like keyboard (but with greater key travel) with nice action (I type 115wpm and was very pleasantly surprised). It has a backlit keyboard which is very helpful when watching a movie in a darkened room. It has a full-depth slot for an SDHC card. It lasts for 8 hours on a charge. It sips power and has the smallest power block I have ever seen - 1.5 x 1 x 3 inches in size. Like many Chromebooks it produces unusually out loud and clear sound so that 3 people can watch a movie together, at once. It has a blazing fast Celeron 3215U processor - perhaps the first laptop ANYWHERE to use the Celeron 3215U processor which runs as fast as an i3 processor, it just lacks a few 3D graphics gpu's. It puts out a Google Octane (browser benchmark) score of 18,000 which is 2x the score of the previous generation of 2840n chromebooks and equivalent to an i3-4005U chromebook (I also have acer c720p, acer c720 i3 computers in my house). And then, finally, best of all, the price is still just $329.99 and worth every single penny.

  • Alice J - Unplayable

    The whole world shouted from the rooftops, don't force us online. Don't waste what looks to be amazing concepts and gameplay into a format that will inevitably crash and burn like Diablo 3 did. We warned the executives of EA not to punish paying customers.

  • Midwest Pastor - Sizes

    While I LOVE the colors and the way these marvelous lady pens fit in my hand, I think the product could be just THAT MUCH BETTER if it came in different sizes. Like 36C instead of what seems like a standard double A size. My hand feels a bit restrained and the pen leaves red marks along the sides of my fingers. I know it's a common mistake that women buy pens that are too small for their hands, so perhaps BIC could have a specialty shop where we can get our hands measured for the perfect fit. I'd be willing to shell out more money for something that molds to my contours and can keep my knuckles properly supported.