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Melanotan 2, komplett kit från 280kr/st, bli brun utan sol - MT2 - Här kan du köpa billigaste Melanotanet på marknaden. Komplett kit endast 400 kr. Driver du en blogg och vill ha gratis kit så kontakta oss. Instant Slim.

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • Rodan - Product does not work - DON'T BUY

    I have been a pretty loyal Quicken user for many years. I have been using the 2011 version and it generally works pretty well. Since Quicken announced that they would cease support for this, I was happy to upgrade, noting that I would appreciate many of the new features. I purchased and budgeted an hour for the upgrade. It installed quickly and then spent about an hour doing updates. That's when the fun started.

  • Nathan Schenck Jones - received a counterfeit.

    I received a counterfeit Yeti Tumbler from the seller "RANDALL HOCKER". It had all of the erroneous markings: Misshapen "E", weird product literature, large space at the bottom, blueish lid.

  • H. Smith - S*** product and s*** company

    Bought it and it wouldn't download. I called Sage support and they wouldn't support it and wanted me to buy additional support for a brand new product that would not download. They then told me to return it and buy it straight from SAGE. Why in the world would I buy anything from them if it would not download and then pay more for support/

  • Kathy H - A fun way to pass the time

    I downloaded this app to my Kindle to play when I was bored or not reading. I played it a couple times, but it wasn't for me so I ended up deleting it from my Kindle.

  • Lola 48 - Takes a while but works

    I have arthritis in my lower back and some days it is quite painful. I tried Tylenol for Arthritis pain and it works. It takes a while but the pain does go away. I find it necessary to order this product on Amazon because it is very difficult to find in stores.

  • Mel Capp - H&R Block is Terrible

    You know a product has to be pretty bad to prompt someone to write about how bad it is. I only use H&R Block because they bundle Business (S Corp) with Personal. If it were not for that, I would never suffer through it. Every year is worse than the last; the 2012 bonus feature is that it crashes at random times during the interview and dumps you out of the program and you have to start from scratch every time. Absolutely unacceptable! I have no idea how to get past this issue and I'm about to get out my old typewriter and do the forms by hand. That's how BAD it is. The product is not intuitive, help is non-existent. I used Turbo Tax for many years and loved it until my DH decided to form an S-Corporation. My life has been H&R Block tax hell ever since. I think I finally convinced him to convert the S corp to an LLC so we can use professional tax software (NOT H&R Block) and get my sanity back.