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Bloomfield Health Services - Provider of specialist Neuropsychiatric assessment and continuing care services for individuals with complex mental health needs on a national basis and also specialises in the provision of mental health services to adults and older persons with serious and enduring mental health needs. We also provide specialist palliative care to individuals with mental health needs.

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  • NICU Nurse 21 - Good product but not as an Add on.

    I love this product. I am an African-american women who decided to stop putting chemical in her hair. This product is like enough to provide adequate moisture. Its also thick enough to allow me to add other essential oils to it. I had this product on auto delivery but the program was suspend. You can know only purchase it as an add on item. I won't buy it as an add on because its cheaper for me to get it in a beauty supply store.

  • Amazon Customer - beats the Vegas heat

    I love this shade it works so well. First in perfect and keeps my car cool in the hot Vegas summer sun.

  • Joseph Petrashek - I feel like drenching her in the spray. But company says it may be overwhelming for the dog. (sigh)

    Not quite sold on it yet. Sprayed down my red haired toy poodle twice and rubbed it into her hair real well. Fleas were still biting her an hour later. Bathed her well for 6 minutes with lots of Dawn d/w liquid, as other research indicated, to no avail. Treated her again with the Wondercide, now a total of 4 times in a week, and she is still biting and scratching after the little buggers. Electronic pest collar around her neck isn't working either. I was thinking about taking her to the movies, getting some hot buttered popcorn, putting them both in my lap for awhile. When the fleas smell the hot buttered popcorn, they'll jump into the bucket, she'll be pest free and then we'll leave the bucket there and flee the theater!

  • Dr Phill - A little too flimsy for my taste

    I bought this for kids at the same time as "State Series Quarters Collector Map: Also Including the District of Columbia and Territorial Quarters" (both from amazon). I have to say I was very pleased with the state map booklet/folder. That one is very well made. However this one - "national park quarters" by comparison just looks a lot more poorly made.

  • D. Graves - Why does this now have over 4 THOUSAND negative reviews?

    The Flex is fairly good - IF you understand its limitations. And it has a lot of them. This is a 1.0 version, the first wrist-based tracker Fitbit has produced. There are good reasons why there are so many negative reviews of the Flex. I strongly suggest that you wait for the technology to be refined by Fitbit (and others) before spending $100 or more on this.