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  • George Barnett - Excellent Door Prize

    Your Cleaning Super Hero in Birmingham used this as a Door Prize at my BNI chapter in Trussville after doing my keynote speech. Hardback edition with color pages throughout made for a great gift.

  • jozwoo - high sierra cosmic girl backpack

    My 11 y/o daughter loves the color and design of this backpack. It has enough room for her books and accesories. The shoulder/back strap gives good support. The material/fabric is excellent for the price. Hopefully it will last long.

  • jay a chesavage - I bought a copy for the San Francisco Bay Bridge

    I gave a copy of this book to the Bay Bridge. This is such an important book and topic, especially in the San Francisco Bay region, where we've had two huge ships crash into the bridge supports for the Bay Bridge (San Francisco to Oakland, near the port of Oakland). First we had the 270ft Cosco Busan crash into the bridge supports in 2007 and leak 50,000 gallons of fuel oil into the bay. Then in January 2013, the 750ft Overseas Reymar crashed into Bay Bridge. I hope the Bay Bridge reads its copy before it gets seriously hurt. If that doesn't work, I hope the author writes a sequel called "How to Avoid Huge Bridges", which should be very popular with the foreign ships entering our fine San Francisco bay.

  • Luckee27 - Save your money, worst purchase I ever made

    This came in a cheap plastic spray bottle and the label or the bottle had a terrible scent to it. I didn't even use I threw it out right away. Who would market a product they want to sell like this. It looked like someone put together in their home and slapped a cheap label on it. For all I know it could be water in a bottle. So disgusting