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  • Chris M - What I thought was truly fantastic were all of the interchangeable heads

    This was my first time purchasing a water flosser, so I'm unable to compare to other water flossers in this review. As mentioned in other reviews, the biggest gripe below is my biggest gripe: the power button is on the base of the appliance, not on the handle. It just requires your brain to function in a bit of an illogical way and may cause water to splash all over the walls. C'est la vie. What I thought was truly fantastic were all of the interchangeable heads, even two different heads to help clear your sinuses. I haven't utilized the product for that function yet, but with spring in full swing, I'm sure I'll need to use it soon. The instruction manual was extremely helpful in education of uses for the different heads. Instead of just water, I throw in some Listerine (after adding water, otherwise causing bubbles) and it's so refreshing. Make sure to use room temp or lukewarm water. I love that there are enough slots in the head holder to hold all the attachments used for my boyfriend and myself. Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase.

  • Jon S - Overall I've been happy with the product

    Effective. I caught 20 squirrels in 20 days. The picture on the box implies the cage will fill with rodents...not in my experience. At most I caught two squirrels at once. Once there is one or two in the cage they eat all the bait food and there is no reason for another squirrel to go in. Overall I've been happy with the product.

  • Cruzanrican - This is awesome however its not a game but a true training ...

    This is awesome however its not a game but a true training aid to learn how to play a guitar. It takes that hard work out of learning but not the dedication. From experience I will say that if you don't practice then it wont work. Its not a magical machine to make you play but it most definitely will help you learn if you dedicate time to learning. Would recommend and buy again if need to. Excellent for any age who think that the old fashion way is boring.

  • Rick - Catch more squirrels than you can shoot !!

    Definitely will cure your squirrel problems with just a 4" square piece of cardboard + a few drops of almond extract + a dolop of peanut butter spread on the cardboard