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Carter Healthcare, Inc - Carter Healthcare: Medicare Certified and Jcaho accredited Hospice, Durable Medical Equipment, DME, Pharmacy, Wellness, end-of-life Care, at-home Rehabilitation and home healthcare service.

  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/Accreditation.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc. - Accreditation - Carter Healthcare has JCAHO accreditation for quality of care for patients. Carter Healthcare is in continuous compliance with Joint Commission Standards.
  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/Compliance.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc - Corporate Compliance - Carter Healthcare's compliance team detects and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and any unethical conduct in home health care.
  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/Technology.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc - Technology - Carter Healthcare clinicians use the latest technology, laptops, patient information system, patient portal, digital access etc, to record vital patient information, STAT lab work.
  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/Programs.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc - Our Services - Carter Healthcare offers a wide range of JCAHO accredited, high quality care services, among others, Care at Home, Diabetes Management, Intravenous Infusion, Stroke Recovery, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Management etc.
  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/Caregivers.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc - Our Caregivers - Carter Healthcare's caregivers provide the highest level of care and patient satisfaction.
  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/HomeHealth.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc - Home Health - Carter Healthcare Home Health Care helps people recover quickly because it makes it easy for family and friends to get involved and support the patient.
  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/Hospice.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc - Hospice - Carter Healthcare Hospice Care is given at home, and it enables patients to continue an alert, pain-free life and manage symptoms to make patients' last day be spent with dignity.
  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/Pharmacy.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc - Pharmacy - Carter Healthcare's registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians mix and compound prescribed drugs in-house with high quality standards.
  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/DME.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc - Durable Medical Equipment - Carter Healthcare can provide Home Medical Equipmentand Respiratory Equipment for individualized patient comfort.
  • http://www.carterhealthcare.com/CarterCares.aspx Carter Healthcare, Inc - Carter Cares - Carter Healthcare cares about patients and their families. Watch testimonial VIDEO of patients' families and caregivers testifying how Carter helped patients live better comforting lives.

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  • michael raiman - MAKE SURE IT WORKS BEFORE 11 DAYS ARE UP!

    Warning!!! Make sure it will work on your system. I had it and it kept crashing on my desktop. I did not not use it because of this and reverted back to using my installed version of Lightroom. i tried using the mobile version of Lightroom CC but it was very slow in processing my images. Time went by and after three long calls to Adobe tech support it was figured out that my video card wasn't fast enough for the program and causing it to crash. I would update my card to use Lightroom CC , but i can't put a new card into my desktop. I went to cancel my subscription and there is a $35 CANCELLATION FEE !!!. THEY WON'T REMOVE THE FEE AFTER 11 DAYS OF PURCHASE. So make sure it works for you before the dead line.

  • D. Saville - I bought Home Designer Suite 2015 because it bared a strong resemblance to the old Windows 95-98 Broderbund product that was so

    I had used early versions of Broderbund's 3D Home Architect years ago and have been frustrated by newer versions and every other similar product I've tried since. I bought Home Designer Suite 2015 because it bared a strong resemblance to the old Windows 95-98 Broderbund product that was so easy to use. After using this for a few minutes it became clear that this is the same software. I'm sure it's had bells and whistles added, but at it's core, it's the same software. All the tool buttons I'm already familiar with are there. All the object options work the same.

  • Joy in WY - Best Polish Ever

    I do Stained Glass and Metal Embossing. I was working with brass came on a set of windows. The brass didn't look good as it was dull and I could see some tarnish on it. I tried the cleaner I had but it still didn't look like brass should. I ordered some "Never Dull" and I couldn't believe how nice and shiny and clear of any marks it was. I also used "Never Dull" on the glass and it was so clean and clear I couldn't believe it as I've always had to fight with trying to get the glass, brass and solder seams crystal clear and shiny. I recommend "Never Dull" as it was easy to use, and it saved me a lot of time cleaning my glass and metals.

  • William - Pretty good cross trainer or casual shoe

    5 star for looks and 3 for performance so I'll give them a 4. Shoes look great and they are good for cross training but I would not recommend for running. If you are the novice runner then they will probably do the trick but you won't normally see most serious runners wearing Nike's. I don't consider myself a runner by any means but during the couple miles I do run after a workout these were giving me shin splints. They've become my casual shoe and look great in jeans.

  • DivaSeattle - Great CrockPot - Set it and Forget it!

    This is a truly magnificent crock pot. This is my second time purchasing this model.. the first one was appropriated by my roommate when she moved out. My favorite part about this crock pot is being able to set the timer for it so that it shuts off and then warms your food for you. The learning curve for manually setting the crockpot is very simple.. a couple of presses of the button and you are good to go. I know that I shouldn't worry about leaving in the morning and leaving the device on.. but I still worry. I like knowing the crock pot will shut itself off and click into warming mode. I've made a LOT of different items in this pot.. baked chicken.. delicious pulled pork.. chili. I enjoy the locking lid function so that if I were inclined to take it to a potluck.. it would travel well. I live alone and while I know this is a family sized crock-pot.. I enjoy making large batches and freezing the rest of what I made for an easy lunch or no fuss dinner. Great purchase!

  • Shae Brown - Get this guide!!!!!

    This was an awesome study guide. This book really made me feel prepared, and it went over everything that I encountered on the HESI Exam.

  • Michael Steindel - My favorite anti virus

    My favorite anti virus. This works and doesn't slow the machine down like many other products do. In fact I have removed other products and used vipre to isolate the malware and trojans that had caused other brands to fail. This product is the real deal.