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Medical Services & Surgery Information: Castlefields Surgery - Castlefields Surgery provides healthcare to patients in Stafford. A General Practice (GP Surgery), Doctors Surgery & Medical Centre. For Doctor and Nurse Appointments and Medical Enquiries please call 01785 223012.

  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/appointments/booking/ How to Book or Cancel your Appointment: Castlefields Surgery - Instructions on how to book your appointment with the Doctor, Nurse or other Healthcare professional. Also includes appointment cancellations, urgent appointments, consultation times and telephone consultations.
  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/appointments/dental-appointments/ Dental Appointments: Castlefields Surgery - If you have an urgent dental problem such as toothache or a dental abscess you should see a dentist not your GP.
  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/urgent-problems/ Urgent Problems & Out of Hours: Castlefields Surgery - What to do if your have an urgent problem or a Medical Emergency and how to contact your Doctor in and out of hours. Remember, You should call the NHS 111 service if you need medical help fast, but it’s not a 999 emergency.
  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/patient-registration/ Registering with Us: Castlefields Surgery - How to register as a permanent or temporary patient at the practice. Also includes our practice catchment area.
  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/prescriptions/ Prescriptions: Castlefields Surgery - Repeat Medication Prescriptions - Methods available for ordering your Repeat Medication from the surgery.
  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/clinics-and-services/ Clinics and Services: Castlefields Surgery - Information on the Health Clinics and Medical Services that are available at the surgery.
  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/travel-health-immunisations/ Travel Health & Immunisations: Castlefields Surgery - Nurse led Travel & Vaccinations Clinic, includes access to our Travel Risk Assessment Application.
  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/change-of-details/ Change of Contact Details: Castlefields Surgery - How to inform the Practice of a patient change of address, telephone number etc.
  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/smoking-status/ Smoking Status: Castlefields Surgery - Smoking - To help us update your patient medical records, we would be grateful if you would complete our smoking status form.
  • http://www.castlefieldssurgery.nhs.uk/health-services/blood-pressure-charts/ Blood Pressure Charts: Castlefields Surgery - Blood Pressure Charts - This is used to send us the readings you have collected from your Home Blood Pressure machine.

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  • bobo - Ordered and received the bat within a week. My ...

    Ordered and received the bat within a week. My son likes the bat thus far - still needs more time to decide.

  • Kelli - Adventure Homeschool - I love using more natural products & the fact that this ...

    I love using more natural products & the fact that this cream has no strong smell was a huge bonus! I actually added a bit of my favorite essential oil (lavender) to it and I am very happy with the results. I hate those stinky creams & many of them burn my skin. This does the job without that & it worked well with my lavender for my constant arthritis pain.

  • Lawrence Weiss - It works great and the fact you can check the battery charge ...

    It works great and the fact you can check the battery charge really help when you are on the lake and unsure if you have enough power to get back

  • jaybird - Nice rack, crappy screws

    I did read the reviews, and I should have pulled the screws out and went to the hardware store for replacements. 2 are stripped, and 2 are probably going to after I go to loosen them up. I tried not to overtighten, but the screws turned into butter while tightening them up. I know people said go easy on them, but you are talking about mounting a box on your roof with your important stuff that you don't want to fly off! Such a shame because the rest of the product seems top notch.

  • J. Page - The Nest needs more improvement

    I have a newer construction home that when we purchased it seven years ago had a pretty spiffy Honeywell Touch Screen thermostat. Being an engineer I dutifully programmed a full schedule for it, but my wife was always very leery of touching it.

  • MMart - Trimmer is great

    This trimmer met all my expectations... it's easy to use.. powerful.. and the on/off switch is very convienient when using it.. I have a beard that I like to get creative with.. and the om/off switch makes it easy to stop and check the progress of my latest design without worrying about messing it up because of a mistake handleing the trimmer!

  • GeneL - Read the fine print prior to purchasing Acronis software. They only support for 30 days

    In Late April I ordered software, True Image 2016 for one computer and 2 days later I again ordered True Image 2016 (3 computer). I finally installed it on one PC in July. The back up failed. I tried again and it failed again with same VSS Snapshot error. I put it away and used Windows 10 back up. Yesterday, August, 10th I was ready to install it on 3 more computers so I tried to backup again and it again failed. So today I scanned Acronis support site and I did not find a fix or explanation. I did see and tried a support chat and I was notified my support had expired on 31 May, 30 days after I purchased the product and informed I have to pay for support email or chat. I will not pay their fee and I can't return it To Amazon but I can buy a better product with better support.