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  • dwayne - Awesome devices for the price

    Found these for $20 at Walgreens after my dog ate one of my 8yr. Old $2500 aids . Helped me to hear things once again. I've worn aids for 43 yrs. Never tried any other devices except hearing aids. Highly recommend these fr anyone unsure about aids.

  • Valerie - Code Brown

    Years ago I read the reviews about these hell bears and laughed hysterically at the bowel disruptions they caused. I made a mental note never to became a victim of these laxi-bears.

  • J. Melgar - It's okay for the price but not solid

    it's okay enough to give you most of the channels but not all channels appear clear. also some channels do not appear. I have had to move the antenna in order for it to work on my HD television. I notice that when an airplane is in the area I loose reception and have to move the antenna. also a little bit difficult to connect to television.

  • mom pappala - great stroller

    I bought this stroller after looking at sit and stand strollers for my 2+1/2 year old and 4 year old children. I test drove the sit and stands and did not like how large and heavy they were. Since my children are older I just wanted a light weight stroller that one child could ride and one could stand on. I found this stroller and am very happy with the purchase. It folds a bit thicker than an umbrella stroller but is very light weight. Some people say it feels wobbly and rickety, which it does, however it does have a solid frame , I was able to push my 32lb 2+1/2 year old sitting in the seat and my 36lb 4 year old standing on the back over a gravel parking lot with very little effort. The tray opens easily and the seat is very adjustable. The standing area on the back is really just a tiny ledge but both of my children enjoy standing on it and holding on to the handles for stability. The handle extension is useful for leaving room for a child standing in back. The fabric is removable and washable and the basket is very large for an umbrella type stroller, the canopy is fantastic also. It is not as easy to navigate as my maclaren stroller but I use this instead since it is more useful to have the standing option on the back for a second child.

  • Danay - The Nuwave is a rip off

    I bought the Nuwave after watching the commercial. Mistake #1. They charge $60 shipping and handling. Still bought it. Mistake #2. When you call them, they offer you other non related promotions. I should have hung up then. The commercial leads you to believe that you will be receiving the bonus pots and pans. No sir. You have to pay separate shipping for that. They never disclosed this information in the call. Now I see other reviews that say that it doesn't work like the commercial says. I wish I would have read them before I purchased. If you want to get totally ripped off then buy this product.

  • Josh - yeah buddy!!

    So this was my first set of "Big boy" clubs...lol. Finally replaced my hoge poge craigslist set and I love them. Need to go to the driving range and find my distance again though, getting about 20-30 yards more out of these.

  • DaniBug - Love This Book!

    I absolutely love this book. I listened to Dr. Wallach on his CD before I bought the book. I have never been much of a vitamin taker until I listened to the logic of Dr. Wallach. His suggestions are amazing, and I have already found many of his suggestions to be true. My hair dresser attests that I have less white hair growing after I began supplimenting with copper, my stiff muscles from exercise and constipation are considerably relieved by magnesium, and the joint problems in my knees have been reversed by taking cartiledge. This book is as much a go to for me as a dictionary in my English classroom. I read and reread it, just to have running knowledge for issues that may arise in my husband, my kids, and myself.