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  • Sheila P. - Cute fashion sneaker...

    I love these Dansko sneakers, just what I was looking for in a fashion sneaker. Comfortable and well made. Soft and padded and has real suede leather + mesh. The only problem I have with them is that after wearing about 4 hrs., the left one starts to hurt the top of my foot. I never tie them very tight either. I just wear them for shorter periods of time.

  • Southern Cookie - Product does what it is supposed to, and does it well

    Have reviewed this product in a different size. Love it. Does not make my fine hair flatten out, look greasy or do anything bad. It does make the hair stronger while almost completely eliminating breakage. Forgot to pack it for a week long vacation, will never make that mistake again. The difference was very noticeable. Expensive and worth every penny. Like the pump bottle, easier to handle.

  • Bernie Ackerman - An Everyday Must

    I have been plagued by jock itch for years at different times. I have used every cream and spray on the market, and have found the perfect combination for my case is to shower with FungaSoap and apply Walmart fungal ointment. The soap kills and washes away the fungus, and the effect seems to remain after showering. I can now use a much cheaper ointment afterwards. For some, this great product may be enough by itself.

  • herringbone - Chromebook Review

    I've had the chromebook for about three weeks now, so I thought it was about time that I posted my initial impressions since I looked over so many reviews before buying.

  • Amazon Customer - It tastes great and relaxed me so much

    It tastes great and relaxed me so much. Can't believe how quick the effect was. I was instantly ready to knock out... almost couldn't finish the cup.