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  • Ricardo - UAG for the win!

    Love this case! I've had a UAG case on my iPhone 5 and it's still going strong! I had to get it for the 6 plus! Keeps the phone well protected while not adding to much bulk, also you can actually use the power and volume buttons unlike Spigens case wow that case sucked!

  • WGTactor - Still a great resource

    We've been fans of VideoHound for many years. We buy the new edition each year because so many movies are added. In addition to the extensive list of films (with a rating and review for each), there are indexes for performers, directors, genre, awards, and many more. Unfortunately, in this latest edition they eliminated the indexes for composers and cinematographers. It's still a great resource, but it's unfortunate that they dropped those two sections.

  • CPRoe - Worth the extra money

    My son gets terrible diaper rash and this and one other product are the only ones that seem to help him. The price is much better than purchasing at a baby store or a box store (they sell a smaller package size than the baby store). This stuff is super thick and stays put. In my sons first week we tried the old school big name brand and found it to be much thinner smeared everywhere and did not help his rash at all. He also has extremely sensitive skin - and this does not seem to bother him - and it cleared up his rash within a few days. Miracle product work the extra money.