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Center for Homeopathy of Southern Vermont | - The Center for Homeopathy of Southern Vermont reflects twenty-five years of experience in the healing arts as well as an ongoing pursuit of a deeper understanding of the art of practicing homeopathic medicine.

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  • happygrandparent - Highly Recommend!

    This is better than WD-40. I had stuck windows & could not get them to open using WD-40, poking, etc. I bought 1 can of this, let it sit a couple of minute & Bingo! My windows could be raised! Also, if you're in an area where it snows, etc. (I don't live in an area that's heavy like in the east), if your car door is stuck you can spray this around it, let it sit a few mins. & your door will open (with a little tugging). I have just purchased 6 of these cans to have around all the time (can't seem to find them locally). WD-40 doesn't have an oily feel, this does. But it works great on squeeky doors also...& seems to last longer.

  • Kuro - Not really a one handed opener.

    The tools in this leatherman are great. The screwdrivers are easily accessed and the belt loop is robust. The blade is excellent quality, but I have a serious complaint. Despite the thumb bolt, this knife is very difficult to open one handed. There point of a one handed open is to make it easy to access a knife very quickly and with minimal effort or thought. That is not possible on this knife. I tried a lot to make this knife smoother to open, I even worked it open and closed for an hour and it seemed to bind up rather than get looser. They may have made it this way intentionally to prevent it from accidentally opening while flopping around on your belt loop, so at least the decision makes sense. My advice to leatherman: get rid of the loop, make the blade a quick open like kershaw, with a pointer finger assist so I can buy my dream multi tool from the American company with the best warranty in the business.

  • Marvin - Awesome tunes

    My original speakers were blown out, nice upgrade , and they sound good, and with our busting your wallet.

  • Lisa Quincy - Love the quick references.

    I love her recipes, the only thing was I was disappointed that almost all the chicken seemed to be for chicken thighs. I will convert them to chicken breast because that is what I prefer, I was also expecting more Instant Pot or pressure cooker recipes. I still love the book and am planning on 3 recipes this week. The reference guide is easy to use making it quick to see what type of recipe it is (quick, GF, vegetarian...) Again, beautiful book, great recipes, and I don't regret purchasing it.

  • Debbie F - ... first bottle to arrive because I had read mostly good reviews, but a few bad

    I waited for the first bottle to arrive because I had read mostly good reviews, but a few bad. It was shipped from California and arrived fairly quickly. It was a skin exfoliant. Just like the Avani I usually use. But at a much better price !! I immediately ordered a 2 pack (for an even better price ) . Which shipped from PA yesterday and arrived today ( Sunday ) all boxes were sealed properly ( clearly not tampered with ) and totally full. The 2nd order ( the 2 pack) even came with a little sample of Lior Gold collagen youth restoration serum which was a nice surprise. I will definately order this again in the future and recommend giving it a try if you're like me. And using the more expensive stuff. It does the exact same thing.

  • LezModel - Miracle in a tic-tac sized pill!

    I have suffered with BV for at least 10 years. And like most women when I get a "flare" up the doctor just prescribes you some harsh antibotics. With me for the last year it seems like I was getting it every other month. After sex I would get have a discharge for a week. I know there is a "normal" amount of discharge that woman should experience, but this was the "BV kind". Also I noticed after my period, I would get a flare up. I went to 3 different doctors and no one can figure out why I was getting these outbreaks so often. I am active in the gym, I don't eat red meat or pork, and I have a pretty decent overall diet.

  • Watza Matta U? - Super Program and Almost FREE

    When I purchased this program, there was a promotion listed on the box that offered three months of service on Ancestry.com free. The value of three months of Ancestry.com is about $39.00. With the program costing $39.95 and including three months of Ancestry, in essence the program is costing you 95 cents. That in itself is a No Brainer. Family Tree Maker is outstanding and works hand in hand with Ancestry.com as the program and Website are from the same people. When you make a change in either the program or on the website, you can sync via the program and both entities will update with the latest information. In addition, in my opinion, Ancestry.com is the premier Genealogy site on the web. There are a lot of them out there... this one tops them all. You should be very pleased with your purchase. One word of caution: Read the program instructions for doing the install. If you do, it should install seamlessly and the syncing feature will work well. Best of fortune.