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Child and Family Services of New Hampshire - Child and Family Services of NH is a private non-profit that works to advance the well-being of children and families through an array of social services.

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City: -83.1383 Ohio, United States

  • Tamara - Spendy but Awesome

    I have had this stroller for about a month and I love it. After my daughter turned one I changed her infant seat for a convertible car seat and therefore her universal car seat stroller had to go. I wanted a full featured, compact and lightweight second stroller to keep for trips or in the car (our main stroller is the 2011 City Mini). My daughter loves her belly bar so this had a big role in my decision. It is good for walks around the mall or on smooth pavement. Not good for bumpy areas like my CityMini is.

  • Joel Schwartzberg - Exceeded our Expectations -- Soft but Supportive

    Just spent the first night on it, and it exceeded our expectations. While removing the old dinosaur mattress was a beast, setting up Purple was much easier. And it's really amazing how it softly conforms to your body, supporting every inch. We also appreciate that it stays cool too. It changes the entire sleeping expereince -- I never rested so easy, even in expensive hotels. Setting it up is really a two-person job, but of course I had to be the hero. And I'm still here.

  • Ibrahim Saleh - TrackR are Fraud

    I do not advice anyone to buy this items, I ordered 2 TrackR , and it take the company 8 months to delver it to me. and when i finally received it, one worked and the other would not contact as a second device, any how i try to communicated with them by email as usually and basically they told me I can not return them i have to keep it as souvenirs...... because i paid using amazon account .

  • Richard E. J. Burke - Why do I keep using ACT for 25 years? Because it has all the functionality I want, is easy to use, and is reliable.

    I have used ACT since 1991. However, I had to upgrade this 2010 version to 2012 v 14 and just now 2015 v17, this time because of the 2601 problem code. However, you will notice that I might complain but I keep buying it. There's nothing as powerful as ACT, warts and all. I had previously used Sage ACT Connect 2010 v 12 -- but Sage gave up on ACT Connect (which had the functionality I wanted). So, I changed to Hand Held Contacts and upgraded to ACT 2012. But HHC is unable to meet enough of my needs and capabilities with my Samsung Galaxy S5, so I switched to Swiftpage's DejaOffice and love every bit of it--the combo made in heaven! A few weeks ago, I got caught up in the error 2601 and got frazzled trying to find a solution and went ahead and ordered ACT 2015 v 17 thinking I could end-run the problem. The same day ACT 2015 arrived I found the solution to the 2601 problem in a help article by Swiftpage. So, I haven't switched from 2012 to 2015 (which is sitting on my desk) yet. But, I will this month when I get my head above water on other things.

  • Cynthia R - IT WORKS!

    I received my dry bag with great expectations and am Not disappointed. I WORKS GREAT!!! I am able to take my phone around and into the pool without worrying that it will get water damage. I did the test prior to using it with my phone as suggested in the instructions and it passed the test so I took it to the pool. It worked great I made clear pictures and my phone was completely safe from water damage. I got one picture of my grandson shooting me (and the phone) with a water gun. Love this product and sooooo much cheaper than buying a water proof camera, also less to carry around while swimming. I also has a strap that you can wear for ease of swimming with it.

  • Jess Crough - This is my new favorite blush! I first tried it in an IPSY ...

    This is my new favorite blush! I first tried it in an IPSY bag, and fell in love. This shade is perfect for my skin tone, which is very light (I'm a redhead) with freckles. You don't need much of it, as it has a highlighter in it as well, so it really is perfect!

  • Lorrie Cariglia - I LOVE THIS GIFT BAG SET !!

    All the products in this set makes your hair feel silky smooth. The scent is like no other I have ever used before. I like the fact that this set has a many products to try before buying a bigger bottle of one thing. I highly recommend it.