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Circle of Hope | A Church in Philadelphia and South Jersey. - A faith community and church in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Cells throughout the week. An opportunity to express and explore God's love.

  • http://www.circleofhope.net/new/ New Here? | Circle of Hope - New here? Need help navigating the site or knowing how to connect? Here's a basic rundown of the most important places to visit on this website.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/we-are/ Who We Are | Circle of Hope - Here's a little about who we are and what we do and the convictions that drive us.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/proverbs/ Our Proverbs | Circle of Hope - These are convictions that drive us. We have gathered them over the years. They continue to evolve.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/way-of-jesus/ The Way of Jesus | Circle of Hope - The Way of Jesus website is more than just simply a website of Circle of Hope's resources but a learning tool meant to nurture and help grow those at all stages of their Christian faith, including those merely curious about Jesus and His followers.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/what-are-cells/ What are Cells? | Circle of Hope - Cells are circles of about ten that gather in people’s homes or public places around town throughout the week. They are a more intimate way of sharing stories and talking about Jesus and your faith, no matter what stage it’s in.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/cells/ Cells: Where and When | Circle of Hope - Here you'll find locations to the various cells that make up our church. We meet in small groups of ten around Philadelphia and South Jersey.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/meetings/ Our Sunday Meetings | Circle of Hope - Our Sunday meetings are held every Sunday (5p.m. and 7p.m.) at our various congregations. Let's gather.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/what-to-expect/ What to Expect | Circle of Hope - In Circle of Hope we create an environment where people can connect with God and act for redemption. Here's some things to expect at a Sunday Meeting.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/locations/ Our Locations | Circle of Hope - We're one church with four congregations throughout the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. We have three locations in Philly and one in South Jersey
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/messages/ Listen to Messages | Circle of Hope - Listen to messages given by pastors and others at our Sunday Meetings. At each location, every Sunday Meeting message is also within a season.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/events-for-connection/ Events For Connection | Circle of Hope - We have a living, active community that hosts and puts on numerous events, ranging from compassionate to entertaining.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/gifts-for-growing/ Gifts For Growing | Circle of Hope - We want to give you a monthly onramp to growing in the way of Jesus. The main ways of growth we offer come in our two main meetings every week but there are numerous opportunities for growth outside of these weekly meetings.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/blog/ Circle of Hope's Blog | Circle of Hope - Read the latest posts from voices in our church and community as we journey with Jesus.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/children-and-teens/ Children and Teens | Circle of Hope - We welcome children and teens as Jesus did and understand that we can learn from them, even as we teach and train them in the way and mission of Jesus.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/mission-teams/ Mission Teams | Circle of Hope - We affirm our mission teams and set them loose to inspire and lead the congregations.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/leaders/ Leaders | Circle of Hope - Circle of Hope has numerous leaders and staff members who work together to bring about our vision of sharing and being Jesus in our region. 
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/allies/ Allies | Circle of Hope - Allies of Circle of Hope. Friends and organizations connected to Circle of Hope.
  • http://www.circleofhope.net/sharing/ Sharing | Circle of Hope - Our Common Fund is inspired by the earliest group of Jesus-followers who shared their resources so that needs were met and the joy of living in the kingdom of God was known.

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