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  • mohan krishna - it's really working

    Initially i was bit skeptical about the product and after trying it with two months my hair fall decreased and still I am using it.

  • Esrep - This product WORKS!

    THIS PRODUCT WORKS! I just received notice that I passed my employment drug test. Here is a detailed account of how I used it.

  • 2nd time not a charm - Don't fall for it

    This pedometer is very poorly made and is at best inaccurate. As others have said, it does not accurately count steps, but rather you can gently jiggle it and it will move. If by just wearing this it reminds you to get up and walk around, then you get some benefit from it. But even if you even want a guestimate of how far you walk, it's not worth the purchase price and you'd be better off with another model.

  • Methlal M Pallewatta - Excellent value for the price but ....

    When I opened the package I heard the sound of some objects moving inside which I suspected as screws or nuts. As an electrical engineer I wasn't willing to power this on without removing them as a short circuit could mean the destruction of the circuitry. So I had to disassemble and reassemble the main frame holding the planet and also the box containing the control circuit. I found three lose screws and nuts inside which might have gotten lose and come out during transportation. Having said that this is still an excellent monitor and I have tested the HDMI (with raspberry pi) and the composite video inputs. So I have to deduct one star due to this but this monitor is highly recommended. Hope the manufacture will address these quality control issues in the future.

  • Gurumustuk - Good pad...bad optical mouse tracking

    I love this pad, however it's downfall for me is that it doesn't work well with an optical mouse. It responds very slowly and doesn't register much of the movement. This pad will probably only work for you if you have a laser mouse or a ball mouse.

  • K. Reische - Stinky mutt much less stinky

    We have a rescue that constantly has a yeasty stinky smell (she's been cleared by the vet). No amount of shampoo would work on her. We've used this once so far about a week ago and she smells much better. Thanks!

  • Researches everything - Great customer service and product!! Well worth the $$

    My 4 year old daughter was suffering from a nasty case of molluscum. The entire left side of her body was covered. When I ordered this product I accidentally ordered the original instead of the max strength. I immediately emailed customer service explaining my error. Within an hour someone called me back and had my money refunded before we hung up the phone!! I then reordered the proper item and within 3 days (weekend included) had the cream. I applied it to her 2-3 times a day. With in two weeks the spots are barely visible!!!! I was very skeptical about ordering this because it was so expensive but am so glad I did!