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Clinix Healing Center is an integrated Medical Home in Denver, Colorado offering Family Doctors, Chiropractic, Behavioral Health, Holistic Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise, Massage, Microcurrent, Acupuncture - Clinix Healing Center is an Integrated Medical Care Center in Centennial in Denver, Colorado offering Primary Care Doctors, Family Doctors, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Exercise, Massage, Microcurrent, Acupuncture, Natural Allergy Elimination Therapy, Hormone Therapy, Detox Therapy, and home of the VIP Physical

  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/home/clinix-healing-center About Us - CLINIX Healing Center. Our traditional family practice providers, alternative health care providers, and specialists in the healing arts work together to provide our patients the best care possible. Clinix Healing Center has been serving colorado since 1984.
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/general-medicine Family Medicine - Clinix is family medicine based in Centennial, Colorado on Yosemite St. of Arapahoe St. Clinix features on-site x-ray, on-site lab and the famous VIP physical! Let us be your primary care physician for CLINIX VIP Physicals,Women’s Health,Men’s Health,Newborn Care,Pediatric and Adolescent Care,Well-Child Exams,Geriatrics,Chronic Disease Management,Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment,Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy,Skin Care Treatments & Botox Therapy,Medically Assisted Weight Loss,On-site x-rays,On- site lab,Prescriptions & Vaccinations,
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/general-medicine/medical-providers/scott-kaiser Scott Kaiser - Dr. Kaiser is Board Certified and has extensive international volunteer & work experience. With his 12 Years of Family Medicine experience and 10 Years of Emergency Care experience, we are proud to add Dr. Kaiser to our team of medical providers.
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/general-medicine/medical-providers/rachelle-webster Rachelle Webster - Rachelle has a background in dermatology and cosmetic therapies and has trained with the top plastic surgeons in denver and has been performing botox and collagen treatments for years.
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/general-medicine/medical-providers/cela-kobel Cela Kobel - Cela Kobel specializes in:Primary Care – newborn, children, teens, adults and seniors including Dermatology procedures such as mole and cyst removals and ingrown toenailsCoordination of Care when specialists, visiting nurses, and therapists are needed
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/general-medicine/medical-providers/rebecca-nickell Rebecca Nickell - Dr. Nickell is an osteopathic physician who specializes in general family practice. Her special areas of interest are women’s health, chronic medical conditions, and osteopathic manipulation. She loves building relationships with her patients and providing them with a true medical home.
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/general-medicine/clinix-after-hours CLINIX After Hours - Emergency room, urgent care, or after hours facility, where should you go when you need care? When you are unsure of the severity, call your primary care provider at Clinix (303) 721-9984; if it is after hours then please call our After Hours Line at (303) 956-6114.Clinix always has an on-call provider who will contact you back to help resolve your issue. Your physician may resolve the issue over the phone, set up an office appointment or by directing you to either urgent care, an after hours facility or the emergency room.If you need medical care that is not an emergency, remember to call CLINIX at 303.721.9984 first.CLINIX's AFTER HOURS Phone Line: 303.956.6114
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/chiropractic-care Chiropractic Care - Clinix has an entire Chiropractic center dedicated to getting you back to optimal health. Our chiropractors also offer a variety of techniques and services such as Acupuncture, Nutritional Therapy, Natural Allergy Elimination and so much more!
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/chiropractic-care/chiropractic-insurance-participation Chiropractic Insurance Participation - Clinix Chiropractors are covered by a variety of insurances. Please call today to see if your insurance covers chiropractic care today!
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/chiropractic-care/meet-our-chiropractors/serena-elhard Serena Elhard - Dr. Elhard provides chiropractic care with an extensive educational background in kinesiology (muscle testing) and the latest advances in nutrition and homeopathy. She specializes in the treatment of hormone imbalances, autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, foot and knee biomechanics, and chronic difficult pain cases.
  • http://www.clinixusa.com/index.php/services/chiropractic-care/meet-our-chiropractors/matt-mapes Matt Mapes - Matt Mapes, DC has a background in both Chiropractic and traditional medicine. While working as a paramedic for several years, Dr. Mapes realized that there had to be a more natural way to heal the body of ailments, illnesses and injuries. This diverse experience provides his patients with a unique holistic approach to overall health and wellness.While Dr. Mapes finds joy in treating all patients, he has seen exceptional success in Sports Medicine and pediatric patients. By restoring proper alignment and motion to the body, Dr. Mapes patients are able to perform at their optimal level and live life to their fullest potential.

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  • Good to Great + consistent Optimal Thinking = Best - Good to Great + consistent Optimal Thinking = Best

    This book is a fascinating read! A study taken over five years began with twenty-eight corporations and revealed eleven that had made the leap from Good to Great. From this study, I gained an instant understanding of the role of humility in leadership. The primary ambition of great leaders is focused on the success of their company, not on themselves.

  • cmae - Love my coffee now

    Usually I don't write reviews or give 5 stars,but i have to this time,i thought this was gonna be just another coffee grinder,but when i used it for the first time to grind the coffee beans for espresso i got impressed how fine the coffee came out,and i was able to make myself a nice and strong coffee,i definitely recommend this one,not too expensive and it does it's job...

  • Alex - Everybody loves Wilson

    People keep asking me if Wilson can come out and play. I ask him what he thinks and he is always ready to go. Unlike seemingly everyone else here, I adopted Wilson because I needed a volleyball to play with and wanted something different so that I could easily identify my ball on the court. Wilson definitely fit that bill. He doesn't keep me up at night because I keep him locked out in my car. Usually in the backseat, but sometimes I need the space so in the trunk he goes.

  • John Gaspard - My husband finally accepted his doctors diagnosis that he has ...

    My husband finally accepted his doctors diagnosis that he has diabetes. So I suggested that he use Goldenseal. He takes 2 a day and this keeps his sugar level down. Golden seal also acts as an antibiotic so it has many uses.

  • GraniteDon - Working great, upgraded to 8.1 Pro with no problems

    This has been a great little computer. I use it as a headless server (no monitor, keyboard or mouse) as a home automation controller, access using Remote Desktop Connection from a network laptop. I upgraded to Win 8.1, but had to buy that for $100 because I needed the Pro version to support RDC. Nice to have plenty of USB ports although some of my external devices use old-fashioned serial communication. I have found that some cheap Serial-USB adapters won't have drivers for Win8, but the Keyspan USA-19H works flawlessly with no additional driver required.

  • Cherry Blossom - have already tried natural things like peroxide and vinegar

    If you are looking to remove the sight of mold in bathtub/showers including caulk and walls/ ceiling, this is not the product. Still on the search... have already tried natural things like peroxide and vinegar, with no luck. Might get Vital Oxide.