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CME Medical - Listen > Develop > Deliver - CME Medical is a leading innovator in medical technology. Specialising in syringe drivers, including ambulatory & fully portable; volumetric pumps, and more

  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/my-account/ My Account | CME Medical - CME Medical develop specialist medical infusion devices and support that improve patient care in hospital, in the community and at home.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/healthcare-area/nutrition/ Nutritional IV Infusion Pumps | Intravenous Nutrient Infusion Therapy - CME Medical nutritional infusion pumps are compact, lightweight and reliable. TPN and general infusion pumps are suitable for inpatient and homecare use.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/healthcare-area/pain/ Pain Management Infusion Devices | Pain Management Pumps - CME Medical’s infusion devices are designed to meet the needs of patients suffering post-surgery pain as well as those need pain medication regionally.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/healthcare-area/palliative/ Palliative Care | Infusion Pumps | IV Infusion | Pain Management Pumps - CME Medical’s specialist pumps have been designed to be suitable for administering pain relief as well as to hydrate patients and provide nutrition.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/healthcare-area/specialist-care/ Specialist Care Infusion Devices | Pain Management Pumps - Patient safety is at the core of everything that we do and we are currently developing new solutions that will revolutionise care across many disciplines.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/product-category/bodyguard-series/ Bodyguard Ambulatory Infusion Pumps | CME Medical - Bodyguard ambulatory infusion pumps are compact, lightweight and reliable. TPN and general infusion pumps are suitable for inpatient and homecare use.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/product-category/t-series/ T-Series Ambulatory Syringe Pumps | CME Medical - T-Series ambulatory syringe pumps are designed to maximise safe and simple administration of medication, in both inpatient and outpatient environments.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/product/myfuser-elastomeric/ Myfuser Elastomeric 100ml 0.5ml/l Bolus Only | CME Medical - Myfuser is a highly accurate, safety enhanced silicone elastomeric / disposable pump for use in hospital or homecare environments.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/ Infusion Device Training | Syringe Pump Training | CME Medical - CME Medical provides both in depth and refresher training for the clinicians and engineers who's job it is to use infusion devices.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/clinical-training/ Skills for Health Quality Mark Clinical Training - To ensure CME Medical products are safe and easy to use for both patients and clinicians, we offer device user clinical training.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/clinical-training/clinical-elearning/ Clinical E-learning for Infusion Drivers - Device user clinical eLearning is a high quality, cost effective way to meet the training needs of qualified healthcare professionals.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/clinical-training/classroom-training/ Clinical Classroom Training for Ambulatory Syringe Drivers - CME Medical’s clinical support specialists provide bespoke, efficient and effective training programmes that are accredited by the Royal College of Nursing.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/technical-training/ CME Medical Technical Training | Technical Medical Product Training - We offer product-specific training courses that provide engineers with the necessary skills to service CME Medical products to the required standards.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/support/ Support | Clinical Support | Technical Support | Customer Support - At CME Medical, we have teams of clinical specialists, qualified engineers and a dedicated customer support team, who are always happy to help.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/support/clinical-support/ Clinical Support Network - Access National Clinical Support - At CME Medical, our team of clinical specialists are located throughout the UK supporting care givers when they need clinical expertise.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/support/technical-support/ Technical Support | CME Medical Ambulatory Pumps - We have a team of qualified engineers who can be accessed to provide technical support to CME Medical customers on any of our pumps.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/support/customer-support/ Customer Support - Do you have a question? - Our dedicated Customer Support team is available to answer your query, should you be a patient, clinician or engineer. We are always happy to help.

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  • Reddy - Helped to remove Blind Spot mirror

    I wanted to take off my blind spot mirrors on my car with strong Adhesive. This helped good to remove them.

  • NoRoPitt - If you're thinking about it, just do it.

    I have a 2012 f 150 supercrew, no sub woofer. I just received these floor mats today, 8 days earlier than the expected delivery date, which is a pleasant surprise. They fit perfect, no sliding, cover a lot of area. Better than the floor mats I bought for my previous vehicle ($190 rugged ridge in a jeep). Highly recommend, very happy.

  • R. Winners - Great value. Better option than a tablet.

    For $250 I got a thin, light weight laptop with a real keyboard with a full featured browser. This Chromebook is quicker and has smoother video playback than the original Samsung Chromebook, which I bought a year and a half ago. Granted if you are a gamer thus requiring high performance graphics this is not a laptop for you. But if all you do is surf the web (email, news, Facebook) and stream video the Chromebook is perfect. Plus, with Google docs you can do most of the common Microsoft Office tasks. For about two years now I have used Google docs exclusivity for all my office needs. Also, if you need to share what you are working on with someone using Office, you can export and import from Office to Google docs. The best part is Google docs is free... with Microsoft you have to play for Office, Windows, plus the cost of a more expensive computer, which will be outdated in 3 years. Again for $250 you can not beat this. Finally, you get 100GB of Google drive storage for free for two years (a value of $5 / month).

  • L. Gale - Hand lotion more a cream than lotion

    The lotion was quite thick in the bottle. I sent it back and received same problem. Couldn't pomp out of bottle. Pored into another container and used as a cream. The product was very good as I've bought often before.

  • Bob Downs - Pack of Six is Handy!

    Getting a pack of six 40-count boxes is SUPER handy! I have a cup of Sleepytime tea every night before bed and it always does a great job of soothing my dry throat and calming me down in preparation for bed. Having a nice, tidy case of six 40-count boxes is ... I'll say it again - SUPER handy!

  • Librarian - A great back aid!

    This lumbar support has really helped my back problem. It's comfortable to wear and doesn't restrict you from movement in any way. It's held around you with Velcro so you can adjust it as tight or as loose as you want. I don't like putting it directly on my skin so I usually wear something underneath so that it's comfortable and it isn't visible to anyone. I purchased this at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • LuvAmazon - Helps with greasy hair!

    I have always had greasy hair and have tried every shampoo under the sun to get rid of it. Although this product hasn't done that, it is the best one I have found that helps reduce that greasy look! Pair it with the conditioner on the tips of your hair and your good for the day!!