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Consumer Justice Foundation - Your Rights - Consumer advocates illuminating the liability of pharmaceutical (prescription) drug, medical device and product manufacturing companies. Know your rights.

  • http://www.consumerjusticefoundation.com/defective-drugs-lawsuit/ Drug Lawsuits - Injury Fight For Compensation and Your Legal Rights - Drug lawsuits are filed to protect consumers like you when INJURIES and SIDE EFFECTS change lives for the worse. Attorneys fight to get you COMPENSATION.
  • http://www.consumerjusticefoundation.com/actos/ Actos Lawsuits - Bladder Cancer Risks & Side Effects - Actos lawsuits are being filed today for Bladder Cancer and other serious side effects. ACTOS CLAIM REVIEWS ARE FREE and you may be entitled to COMPENSATION
  • http://www.consumerjusticefoundation.com/avelox-nerve-damage-lawsuit/ Avelox Lawsuit Filed Against Bayer, Merck Over Peripheral Neuropathy Injuries - Victims of permanent nerve damage from Avelox may be entitled to considerable financial compensation for their injuries and medical bills.
  • http://www.consumerjusticefoundation.com/brilinta/ Brilinta Blood Thinner - Uncontrollable Bleeding Lawsuit - Brilinta blood thinner may be facing Uncontrollable Bleeding Lawsuit for the anticoagulant.
  • http://www.consumerjusticefoundation.com/byetta/ Byetta Lawsuits - Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer - Byetta and similar medications may increase the risk of pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer in Type 2 diabetes patients.
  • http://www.consumerjusticefoundation.com/depakote/ Depakote Lawsuits - Side Effects, Compensation and More - If Depakote side effects have changed your life you may be entitled to compensation. Depakote birth defects may entitle you to LIFETIME COMPENSATION.
  • http://www.consumerjusticefoundation.com/mirena/ Mirena IUD Lawsuit - Consumer Justice Foundation - Yet another Mirena complaint has been filed against Bayer, over migration of the device and a resulting pregnancy. Contact a Mirena attorney if you believe you have been harmed by the contraceptive device.
  • http://www.consumerjusticefoundation.com/zofran/ Zofran Side Effects - Oral Clefts and Heart Defects Lawsuit - Pregnant women who take Zofran to treat morning sickness may have an increased risk of babies with oral clefts and heart defects side effects.

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  • jules030996 - St Louis Cardinals DVD

    A great gift for a St Louis fan, arrived without any problems! My nephew is a huge fan, and was so excited when he opened this on Christmas!

  • AnnieB - Excellent book on a little understood subject

    This is an excellent book. I've recently read several like it on the subject of 'low stomach acid' and find we are a nation at epidemic level where this is concerned. Seems doctors feel that even the occasional burp is reason enough to write a prescription for proton pump inhibitors (PPI's) or other acid reducing drugs. If they are not being recommend from a doctor, the ads for Nexium, Prilosec and the like steer those with occasional heartburn or reflux to the drugstore shelf to stock up.

  • Nikki - I like the non-staining and no odor but the bed bugs ...

    This product does not work as well as I thought it would. I like the non-staining and no odor but the bed bugs are not killed instantly and I sprayed our box springs and couch (inside & out) for two days straight and I still had a bed bug clime on me while sitting on my sofa. Would definitely not purchase this product again.