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  • H. Gehrig - Wow, just wow!

    Wow. Where to even begin with this motherboard. I also have the Extreme IV, and the V just adds and adds.

  • Yacov Bohbot - Did not work.

    Did not work for me. They were very good and refunded my money back with no problem. But everyone is different what works for one doesn't always work for someone else.

  • Amazon Customer - I was lucky enough to be born with pretty good skin to begin with

    Wow. I really can't say enough about this product. I've never been a girly girl or had a skin care regimen before. Hell, I usually go to bed with my make up still on. I was lucky enough to be born with pretty good skin to begin with, so skincare was never a big concern of mine. However, as I'm getting older, I'm realizing more and more that the future of my complexion rests on my choices now, so I began researching for some product.

  • Amazon, Cue Ms. Ort! - Works best on newer scars and non-raised scars; seems to be slower-going on older and raised scars.

    I have slightly mixed feelings on this product. Overall, I think it works okay and probably the newer the scar, the better this product will heal it up. I have been using this daily after my shower on a few different scars across my body of different types: 1. A scar that's about 8 months old, raised texture (not keloid, though); 2. Stretch marks on the underside of my breast that are about 4-6 months old; and 3. A mix of new and old small scars from rashes I get on my chest whenever I'm exposed to sunlight (I have photosensitivity).

  • volvochic_2 - Good teaching tool.

    In preparation for our first flight with our daughter, we purchased this Playmobile Security Check point. It was to our benefit. This security check point comes equipped with TSA agents that have no verbal communication, no sense of reality, and limited flexibility. The checkpoint was very real to life; since we did not read all directions before beginning to play with the toy, sirens went off and we were told to move away from the toy, separate ourselves and face the wall. After proper instruction and many repetitions of proper behavior, we were able to play with the toy again, but we had been red flagged so we had to be very careful what we said or did as to not set off another set of alarms.