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coppt - Página oficial da Confederação Portuguesa de Prevenção do Tabagismo. Criada em 2004, a COPPT reúne um vasto número de Associações pertencentes à área da Saúde, da Educação e do Ambiente, pela prevenção do tabagismo em Portugal.

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  • Dave Marlette - Price was great but as soon as I installed them

    Price was great but as soon as I installed them, they showed cracks at the valve stem area. This damage was not evident until they were under pressure from being on the wheels.

  • Page Ten - I love the way it cleans and the ease of handling

    I honestly don't know how to review my Linx. Let me say from the onset that this is my second Linx and that, in spite of the design problem (flaw) that this stick vac has, I love the way it cleans and the ease of handling. I was hoping that the problem with the handle breaking had been addressed and that when I opened the package I would breathe a sigh of relief that this one wouldn't have the same design. Alas, it does. And so I know that in a matter of time, months or a year, the handle will break and it can't be repaired. Meanwhile, I will use it, try to be careful not to let it fall over. Will I order a third one when this one bites the dust? No. Not unless the Hoover company reads all the reviews on Amazon and addressed the problem. It does a great job, but twice is enough.

  • Treycie - and is nothing like this item shown

    This item is not at all as pictured here....rather it is a large bulky belt which is impossible to use on legs/arms...and is nothing like this item shown.

  • P.H. - I love this stroller

    I love this stroller! I've used many strollers over the years. I always have at least 4 strollers in my garage but this has been my go to stroller because it's light and folds compact but strong enough to hold my baby and everything I need while I'm out and about. This stroller has been used with 2 kids and it still looks and works like new. The folding mechanism is super easy and can be done with one hand which is important for any busy mom. It doesn't come with any accessories except for the adapter to add the infant car seat which we also own. It turns this stroller into a nice streamlined travel system. We had to purchase the stroller organizer to have a place to hold our cups separately because it's not included. Also the tray is not included either. They aren't absolutely necessary but makes it easier for use when the baby gets older. I would still recommend this stroller to everyone because it's long lasting and maneuvers easily.

  • Dewitt Glasgow - Quicken 2012 Manual

    I had never used Quicken before so needed a grounding in the basics. That's why I bought this manual and proceeded to read it through, skipping the parts covering features that I would not be using. I had used MS Money previously and this manual had a helpful section for such users. I have used Quicken for almost two years now and often refer to the manual. One of my few complaints about it is the index is not always as useful as I would like. Several times I have tried to look for items under what seemed to me to be appropriate headings but couldn't find any listed.

  • Anthony D. Cooper - This Thing is Amazing...

    I have to admit I was somewhat sketical about this knee crutch, but I did watch a bunch of Youtube videos and some guy running and one so I thought I would try it before I get the surgery on my foot, make sure it's going to work while I can still walk. I received the iWalk 2.0 today and I have to admit, it is very easy. The quality is really great, everything snapped or screwed together with no tools at all. The instructions are good, but I didn't really need them, I had already watched a video on how to adjust it and that took about 10 minutes or so. So, here is my first experience, within 5 minutes I was walking all around the house using no hands, and even when I felt a bit off balance at first, I grabbed the handle on the front of the iWalk and that served to steady me, so all good. Getting a little more confident, I immediately headed out to the stairs out the back of my house, sure enough, iWalk first going down, my foot first going up just like the video, it's easy...admittedly I did install some sturdy hand rail just a few days ago, but that should be a given you would need those up and down stairs. I walked out and fed my cat, I walked up to my detach garage, I walked out to my truck, took it off, put it in back, and sat in the truck to drive. Basically within 30 minutes, I did quite a lot of the things I was worried I could not do until my foot healed. Great product, if I could give it one improvement, it could use some gel padding in the knee, but hey, I just ordered some gel knee pads off Amazon to resolve that. If you are active like me and hate crutches, try this it works.

  • Melissa Bolt - Perfect for teaching balance

    My 4 year old son loves his bike. He could ride it (slowly) right away with very little instruction & after a week he is already balancing and gliding. It was easy to assemble and is lightweight. The only compliant we have is the rubber gripes on the handle bars have already ripped from laying the bike down (after only a week of use!) but the rest of the bike seems to be very durable.