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  • mis4mike - Don't waste your money buying this oven!

    Don't buy this product! The clear plastic dome of my oven cracked after 2 months. After a year It now has 3 cracks, one extending the entire height of the dome. The internet is full of complaints of cracks in the plastic domes of NuWave ovens! The company won't do anything about it.

  • James S. Campbell - If you're serious about talking, this is your headset.

    I drove back to the supermarket where I thought I might have lost my Plantronics Voyager HD and found it lying in the parking lot smashed. It had either been stepped on or driven over. It still worked, but others heard a buzz when I spoke. It had been a great headset, so it's replacement the Plantronics Voyager Legend had a lot to live up to. So, how did it do:

  • J. Thomas - Sadly I am too tall for this bag, shoulder strap too short.

    This would have been an amazing bag, but unfortunately the shoulder strap is just way too short. I am 5'11" and with the thing fully extended it barely came to my hip. The medium Commute bag I have has a much longer strap and was more comfortable. I am sure it's great for shorter people, but I guess I don't fit that size they envision for this bag.

  • veronica n gabriel - first day i felt fine, little hunger

    I have been taking Trioxalin for 2 days now, first day i felt fine, little hunger. Second day i feel like i have to force myself to eat just because it's what one needs to do to function. I love the product and have been looking for something like this after others discontinued ACE. Nothing else worked for me until trioxalin came along. I am excited to see results.

  • Bradford K. Talamon - Use a Pumice Stick and and Some Elbow Grease...

    ...and CLR will clean the hardest of hard water stains out of toilets, off of bathroom tiles, out of bathroom sinks and out of bathtubs. CLR works very, very well with a pumice stick. The pumice stick does not leave scratch marks and the hard water buildup is gone...

  • Gethin - Great Rack (Bars)

    Easy install, good quality, matches the OEM exactly, No Torque Wrench but my Toyota dealer wanted $340 + $112 Install so saved a lot of $$$$$$.

  • Sintia S. - Great, professional ball

    This is the best ball so far I had purchase or used in all my life playing volleyball, softy, precise, so great to serve, attack. Is not heavy at all, and it do not hurt the arms. Nobody of my friends complained about the ball actually the game is more intense now and better and better.