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  • Amazon Customer - subscriber for years

    I have had a subscription fir this magazine for years. I enjoy this mag for the lighter version of recipes and the beautiful pictures inside. It also also does not seem to have tons of ads inside. The app is a very useful tool. I love the upgrade that in automatically goes to my newsstand on my Kindle. So I have the best of both, the paper and electronic version.

  • Katie Hartmann - Staple in our home

    This is my 5 yr old niece's FAVORITE "chocolate" milk. We add Hershey's chocolate syrup & ice, shake it up, it gets really frothy and cold, especially after chilling overnight beforehand. She is a picky eater, drinks white milk occasionally, but favors this. It may sound crazy to some, but she's been known to drink 3 a day, one with each meal. She's a tall string bean, and very active so we don't worry about extra calories she may be gaining. Actually, the more the better!

  • Amazon Customer - Clunky, but effective. Dodge Challenger Throttle response fixed.

    Gets the job done, but man is it slow to load. Navigation is a little funky too, as the screen doesn't recognize your taps very well. After fighting with the technical issues it did however provide a noticed improvement in vehicle performance. For you Challenger RT owners out there - the throttle response adjustment alone is almost worth the price.

  • Allisun Williams - Daiya cheese makes you sick

    I have had this cheese several times. Every time it feels like I've gotten food poisoning from it, and ended up with mild pancreatitis from it as well ( I'm only in my 20's!)

  • akOSU - I wouldn't buy it again

    This 2-in-1 set is just okay. It left my hair about as greasy as it was before my shower, BUT my hair did smell better :) I would not recommend this combination to people who have fine hair.