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  • kellyfish - Yes!

    It works! Ordered this for my hubby - he is happy, the dentist is happy and I am happy. So much more effective than anything he's used for his gingivitis/periodontal disease. We now order regularly; it's always in supply at our house, and it really works to combat the tell-tale symptoms of his gum issues. Great product!

  • Ultras - Really good tea

    Perfect for hot Florida weather, taste good, no need sugar, excellent for digestion. I combine with vata and kapa (kapa is a little spice to me) and you have perfect balance with doshas.

  • Nate - Near perfect fit!

    So we ordered a set of these (two front and 1-piece rear in black) for our 2013 Toyota 4Runner (got them within days of ordering btw) based off of the claims of the commercials.....never really reading reviews for them. I just got them in yesterday but hadn't had a chance to install them. I was a little worried when I picked up the box because it was so light. So I opened it to check out the mats and they are pretty thin which didn't help alleviate the worry about their quality. I've had rubber mats in the past that weight as much as all 3 of these together. Today I came on here and noticed all the bad reviews about the fit and got really nervous. So I went out and installed them in the truck and the fit perfectly! Well, very close to perfect anyway. I'm very impressed. They even got the anchor system correct which is not your typical hook in the floor. Hopefully they are durable and won't curl like some people have mentioned. I plan on coming back on here for a follow-up review after we've had them installed for a while.