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Pressure Washers, Carpet Steam Cleaners - Daimer Industries - Steam Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, Pressure Washers: Special promotions on 700+ best industrial cleaning machines including pressure washers, carpet steam cleaners and car detailing equipment at Daimer Industries

  • https://www.daimer.com/about-us Daimer Industries - Supplier and Worldwide Exporter - Daimer Industries is a supplier and worldwide exporter of the cleaning industry's most technologically advanced line of steam cleaners, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, and green chemicals.
  • https://www.daimer.com/steam-cleaners/ Steam Cleaners, Commercial Steam Cleaning Machines - Daimer's 700+ steam cleaners are industry's best commercial grade steam cleaning machines. Buy best steam cleaners for industrial steam cleaning applications.
  • https://www.daimer.com/pressure-washers/ Pressure Washers: Commercial Pressure Washing Machines - Daimer 400+ pressure washers are industry's best commercial high pressure washers. Buy electric, gas powered industrial pressure washer for hot water and wet steam cleaning applications.
  • https://www.daimer.com/carpet-cleaners/ Carpet Cleaners | High Quality Carpet Steam Cleaners - Industry's best carpet cleaners and steam carpet cleaners available at special discounts. Daimer offer high quality carpet cleaning machines for sale on different applications.
  • https://www.daimer.com/floor-hard-surfaces/ Hard Surface Floor Cleaners and Cleaning Equipment - Hard floor cleaning equipment - Daimer offers powerful hard surface floor cleaners and hard surface floor cleaning machines for commercial applications. Get promotional discounts on tile floor cleaning machines at Daimer.
  • https://www.daimer.com/water-damage-restoration/ Water Damage Restoration: Buy Best Flood Damage Restoration Equipment - Water Damage Restoration: Buy most powerful flood and water damage restoration equipment and machines from Daimer Industries. Now get ready to recovery from water damage.
  • https://www.daimer.com/carpet-rug-cleaning Carpet Rug Cleaning : Best Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Shampoo - Proper carpet rug cleaning requires the best carpet cleaners, carpet shampoo, and carpet cleaning chemical solution to do the job right. Compare the safest and most effective options.
  • https://www.daimer.com/commercial-steam-cleaner Commercial Steam Cleaner, Best Commercial Grade Steamers - Daimer offers powerful commercial steam cleaners with latest KleenJet steam cleaning technology. Compare and buy best commercial steam cleaner at special discounts.
  • https://www.daimer.com/selecting-pressure-washing-equipment-auto-detailing/ Selecting Pressure Washing Equipment Auto Detailing - Important Information for auto detailing and car washing companies needing power washing and pressure washing equipment. All auto detailing equipment is not alike.
  • https://www.daimer.com/janitorial-services-equipment-supply Janitorial Cleaning Equipment Supply – Buy Best Janitorial Cleaning Machines From Daimer - Janitorial Cleaning Equipment Supply – Daimer supplies the best janitorial cleaning products, janitorial equipment for industrial, commercial janitorial cleaning applications. Buy industry’s best janitorial cleaning equipment, products from world’s largest cleaning product suppliers.
  • https://www.daimer.com/industrial-cleaning-equipment/ Industrial Cleaning Machines and Floor Cleaning Systems - Industrial Cleaning Machines for cleaning industrial area and heavy duty applications.
  • https://www.daimer.com/auto-detailing Auto Detailing Equipment and Mobile Auto Steam Cleaners - Daimer offers mobile auto detailing equipment, auto steam cleaning machines, auto carpet extractor and cleaners. Buy auto steam cleaners for interior and exterior detailing at promotional discount.
  • https://www.daimer.com/home-carpet-cleaning Home Carpet Cleaning Machines and Equipment - Daimer - Home Carpet Cleaning Machines - Your source of best carpet cleaners for home carpet cleaning application. Compare and buy best home carpet cleaner machine for best result.
  • https://www.daimer.com/gum-removal-equipment Gum Removal Equipment, Best Chewing Gum Removal Machines - Daimer offers the most powerful chewing gum removal machines for sale worldwide. Buy best gum removal equipment to clean chewing gum from concrete, sidewalks, driveways, walkways and hard surfaces.
  • https://www.daimer.com/green-carpet-cleaning-shampoo/ Carpet Cleaning Shampoo - Conventional Chemicals and Hazards - Most carpet cleaning shampoo chemicals can create health issues for carpet cleaning services as well as customers. You need to know the risks and alternatives.
  • https://www.daimer.com/tile-and-grout-cleaning/ Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines | Tile Grout Steam Cleaners - Tile and Grout Cleaning Equipment: Buy best tile cleaning machines, grout cleaning equipment from Daimer. Tile and grout steam cleaning machines at special discounted rates.
  • https://www.daimer.com/customer-service Daimer Customer Service - Contact Us 24 Hours, 7 Days - Daimer offers the best customer service in the cleaning industry with 24 hour, 7 day contact.

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  • Uwe R. Kackstaetter - Slows your computer

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  • Phillip Estrada - Dodge

    Item does not fit what they say that it does. Photos sent to dealear were denied being recivied even if I sent them six times so that the problem could be resolved. It does not fit a 2008 Dodge anyway shape or forme.