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Website and blog of Flintshire, North Wales based Front-end developer and web designer, Dan Davies | A place for me to moan - My name is Dan Davies, an experienced and highly skilled web designer and front-end developer from Flintshire, North Wales and currently working in Cheshire. Specialising in Web Design, WordPress, HTML, CSS3 and Sass, I build responsive websites that incorporate modern, clean code and am a big advocate of the content first approach. I have worked for some large digital agencies and with some very well known brands.

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  • Rich - It makes me smell the way I really want to smell after a nice long shower and before walking out the door

    I have been using Versace for more than 25 years. It makes me smell the way I really want to smell after a nice long shower and before walking out the door. The ladies praise me for the unique, glorious scent I leave behind when I pass by them. I get a lot of compliments.

  • Darin Ford - The perfect gift for my wife

    My wifehas been using the Orogold 24K Deep Peeling for the past six months and she plans to stick to it for a long time to come. Therefore, I decided to buy it for her, as a gift. TShe says that his product is much better than those typical exfoliators and salicylic acid cleansers. It not only helps you to exfoliate your skin, it also makes the skin look younger, gets rid of issues like blackheads and acne marks, makes the skin look moisturized and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. I am not reading this out of some marketing material. These are the benefits that the Orogold 24K Deep Peeling has had to offer to my wife's skin care routine over the past five and a half months.

  • Russo's Ranking - Miracle Cream

    I suffer with arthritis in my knees, elbow and hands. This cream has been a life saver for me. I had been buying this cream in a 2 Oz jar from another store. I decided to check on-line and discovered that I could get a 4 Oz jar for a little more than I was paying for the 2 Oz. I ordered three 4 Oz. jars. That will last be for quite a while. A little goes a long way.

  • Gemini - it worked for me!

    This paired with goods gym dance workout helped me lose 20 pounds in little over three months last year. Are the controls perfect? No. Does it get the job done? Yes. I found that having my workouts preset for six months helped me to stay on track more. I only feel motivated when using the Wii or watching a DVD, I am horrible at exercising on my own with no guidance. That is why I don't care if it is one hundred percent accurate with my movements, I just need the motivation. My only real complaint is the small Library of exercises, there are very few. The ones that are on there however got me sweating within minutes. Of course, last year I went from almost completely sedentary to active so it was a bit harder at first for me. My parents owned this game so I didn't buy it but I think it is worth it even though I don't think they ever really used it. I was 20 when I started this, it may not be good for people with weak knees and be careful because the side of my chest hurt for like a month after I started. It may just have been bad form however. Good luck!