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  • Sean A. - Convert to the Art of Shaving Brand

    Could not love this product more. Works exceedingly well, smells great, amazing lather (must use a brush though), and will last you a long time, much longer than a can of store bought shaving cream. While it may cost more than a can of shaving cream, it will last you longer and be better for your face, hands down. Highly recommend this product and will be buying it again.

  • rocknmomx5 - Nice, sturdy case. Good buy for not a lot of money.

    Fits well, very nice and has a hard plastic back, which feels like extra protection for your tablet. I can't get it to stand up on it's own, but maybe I'm just not doing it right. Also, the tablet just pops into the case, which makes it really easy for children to pop it right back out. If you aren't letting children use your tablet, then I doubt it's an issue. I've carried it in my purse and never had an issue with it coming out of the case. Still, I prefer the types of cases where you have to slide the tablet in and fasten it because they feel more secure to me, but that's just personal preference.

  • ALLEN G - These Easy Read Registers came as I thought

    These Easy Read Registers came as I thought. Paper with multiple pages of spaces and lines for writing down my transactions, and keeping my checkbook in balance! They also come equipped with a handy dandy calender on the back... Just in case you forget what day it is all the way up to 2017 so you can plan ahead... It comes with instructions on how to use the transaction register (if you are new to the check book/debit card scene).

  • john rubis - A marginal OEM replacement

    Pros: It works with my 2008 Tacoma. Programmed on the first try. Range seems to equal the OEM version.

  • Felton T. - T-fal A777s164 18 piece cookware set

    To any customers who wish to purchase this product ( Don't Buy ). I purchased this 18 piece set in November of 2013 it is now February of 2014 and all the handles on each pot, skillet, has become loose or has come completely off. I live by myself and i cook all my food myself ; there is no over use of this product just normal household use there is no reason someone should pay $80.00 for cookware like this. I call T-Fals corporate office customer care center to see if they could/would offer help with this matter; when I called I spoke with Stacy a representative with T-Fal she wanted me to box up all my cookware I just brought and send it in for evaluation; which would have left me without any cookware at all to use. I expressed to her that sentiment an she said that is all the company could do. I then asked her could she tell me if T-fal offered any tools that i could purchase on my own to reattach / tighten the handles on each item that I had issues with she told me NO!!! with a very none caring attitude. I advised Stacy that I would never ever again purchase any T-Fal products an further more would write a review; she then told me ok an hung up the phone. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EVEN WORSE T-Fals products BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • James Hayes - Nice scanner, truly horrible software...

    I really do like the scanner hardware (made by the Plustek company in China), but the bundled software is horrible.