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Demetra - ŽIV ir AIDS paveiktų moterų bei jų artimųjų asociacija - „Demetra“ yra nevyriausybinė ne pelno siekianti organizacija, nuo 2000 m. vykdanti advokacinę veiklą ir teikianti paslaugas pažeidžiamųjų grupių atstovams.

Country:, Europe, LT

City: 24 , Republic of Lithuania

  • Gary H - Works like original.

    Works the same as the original. Overpriced for what it is but there's no better buy that I could find.

  • billcb - This is the book to start with

    You know how you read a book written by an 'expert' but the advice doesn't quite jive with your common sense. Well that doesn't occur here. Everything is meat and potatoes, down to earth, easy to understand, and makes good sense. There were good examples, sometimes more than one, repeated later in the book to reinforce. I love it when a book does that because it takes most people two times to hear something before they remember it. I read Peter Lynch's book too, great book and is mentioned in this one. But its a little deeper and will make more sense after this one. Perfect book for the beginning investor.

  • willyum - Got used still works

    There was highlighting inside the book but it works I can still read everything it is still worth buying if you need the book for school.

  • Marlon A. Cuevas - This thing is excellent! My son has really worked this thing hard

    This thing is excellent! My son has really worked this thing hard. He's 15 6' 3" 175 and works out hard with this tool. No problems with it. It's been 3 weeks so far. Good perchased!

  • Matthew H. - Not a bad deal. Spend $12 dollars and save several hundred

    I was having a issue with my laundry smelly musty and old even after washing my clothes. I even ran several loads with bleach thinking that would kill the smell. I was considering calling a service man or replacing the washer when I came across this product. I figured I would give it a shot.