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DENSITY - תוסף סידן פורץ דרך ויחיד מסוגו בעולם לטיפול בבריחת סידן, אוסטאופורוזיס, ודילול עצם - DENSITY הוא דור חדש של סידן שמהווה מהפכה המבטיחה עתיד חזק ואופטימי למיליוני אנשים ברחבי העולם הסובלים מבריחת סידן ואסטאופורוזיס

Country:, Asia, IL

City: 34.75 , Israel

  • Lilliam M. Mena - How to use to renew a subscription about to expire

    *I include instructions on how to use this card to renew an existing yearly subscription about to expire.* My LiveSafe subscription was going to expire on January 9th 2016, so I ordered the retail card in December since I was worried that the e-code version would require me to install immediately. I knew I could use the card at a later time. Two days before I had to renew I tried to access my McAffee acount from the LiveSafe icon on my desktop and it kept sending me to a promotions page, no idea why. So after trying to access the McAfee page several ways (thus one star less), I was able to get through home.mcafee.com/myaccount (do not use www). Once on that page, I logged into my account (upper right side) and then go to My Account pulldown menu and choose Redeem your Retail Card. It will ask for your card info and once you finish, your subscription will show the new expiration date (actually since I had 2 days left, its now 1 year and 2 days). I don't know if this works to renew trial subscriptions as well, but you may try.

  • Dave K. - Misleading Upgrade Offer to 2013 - And still not ready for 64 bit prime time.

    I purchased this more expensive "1 User-2 PC" 2010 version only a month before Office 2013 was scheduled to come out because it was advertised that it would be covered by a free upgrade to Office 2013 when it became available. I followed all of the instructions of installing and registering both installations. But when Office 2013 came out a few weeks later, I was horrified to discover that the upgrade only covered ONE of the two PCs. Now I'm stuck with running Office 2013 on my desktop PC (after the free upgrade) and Office 2010 running on my laptop PC. I re-read the offer from Microsoft, and nowhere does it state this restriction. Now I'm feeling ripped off by Amazon for tempting me with a 2 PC license for which only one of them could be upgraded.

  • Amazon Customer - I like this product very much and feel it is the ...

    I like this product very much and feel it is the best choice for me.. In the past. I've tried tablets, pump filtration systems, UV light and straw filtration systems. I carry the Grayl when ever I am out hiking and have used it on a number of occasions when I've run out of water. The system is easy to use and I have complete confidence in it. It is especially nice to be able to share freshly filtered water with other members in your hiking party if they should run out as well. Other filter systems have their problems for instance UV filters need batteries that can be influenced by cold weather conditions and not separate out harmful minerals, tablets can either cause the water to taste funny or take a long time to work, and pump systems are just to awkward to handle comfortably.

  • Angellene - Motivation in a pill

    I really love this. Before taking these I would nap once a day, and not want to get anything done around the house. I've been taking these pills for a week now, and i've gone to the gym and lifted weights, and kept up on my house chores. it's great. When I need a pick me up through out the day I drink an amino energy (watermelon) in the afternoon.

  • OkieDoke56 - Left Handed Help

    I love the idea of this product, but unfortunately I am left-handed. My grocer stocks special bananas just for his left-handed patrons and I find that your product does not fit these bananas. If you come out with the same product for us 'lefties' I'll be delighted to purchase one!

  • SupaFly12 - Nice mop but I would still go old fashion route

    My complaint with this mop is that the suction squeezing cup is too big/wide, so I cannot slide the mop under tables/desks that have a bottom shelf 3-4 inches high off the floor to clean under. It does a nice job for a quick cleaning but it does not do a great deep thorough cleaning. I still give the advantage to the good old fashion mop for major floor cleaning.