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DESC - Shelter, Housing and Services for Homeless Adults in Seattle - DESC of Seattle serves disabled and vulnerable homeless adults, and are one of the largest multiservice centers for homeless adults in the Pacific Northwest.

Country:, North America, US

City: -117.8612 California, United States

  • Ryan - Slick situation

    Replaced the oil in the front Dana 30 and rear Dana 44 on my JK Wrangler. About a month in and still feels great will definately recommend Mobil 1

  • BRIAN GARLAND - Sound okay. Not bad but nothing great.

    It's not the best sounding rear speakers but they work. You can hear the interference if there's no sound and your listen closely. Pretty small speakers. The speaker itself is About 3" in diameter. The hub is the wireless source and the speakers are wired into the hub. Not too long of wires. But they work for me. There's no delay in the sound which is a plus. If your planning to wire these across the room, I'd advise to buy extra wire. Mine are on speaker stands behind my couch so they are long enough. I'd say they are around 15 feet long.

  • Leanne - This was a lifesaver!

    I have a male cat that ended up with crystals in his urine, causing pain and resulting in him going outside of the litter box. I am still trying to locate all the places he peed, but so far the spots that I have saturated with this product have not started to smell again. I'm optimistic that when I treat all the spots, the lingering urine smell will be gone and I won't have to start replacing carpet. You do have to use a lot of the product and I used a turkey baster that came with a pointed tip for injecting meat so that I can puncture the backing of the carpet and get it all the way through to the padding.

  • Bruce Norgan - VS 2012 Pro is powerful and useful.

    I've used the Visual Studio versions over the years to get things done but not to the extent a developer would take advantage of everything. This one seems to be the most powerful and user friendly even though I haven't had to use its more sophisticated parts.

  • Jeremy Ong - 10 Second Review

    This camera insert is one of the better trendy one's i have come across to. Definitely one of the better spacious ones with thick padding! Will recommend to anyone who needs to carry just 1 camera and +1 lens and needs protection. Fits well in a Timbuk2 Messenger bag

  • Amazon Customer - This product gives dogs seizures!

    I previously posted a review on this company's site that has been deleted, but I think it is important that all dog owners should be informed that this product gave my 3-yr-old Boston Terrier a seizure. He's never had any health problems before, so you can imagine the shock I had when his eyes started oscillating sporadically (nystagmus) back and forth the next morning. He couldn't walk in a straight line and kept falling over. It was awful to watch my little dog suffer like that. I understand that this is a rare case, and don't fault the company for not knowing, but I want owners to be aware that this is a possibility.

  • Milos Stankovic - Best stabilizer on market

    As you all know probably this is an oil stabilizer to make your oil more thick so if your engine is burning oil it will reduce it. I bought a whole pack of 4 for my truck and i am satisfied as i have been through years of using this oil stabilizer.