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  • P. Gandy - Access 2010

    Access is one of my important programs and would be lost without it. I was forced to 2010 after using the last license of my 2000. As far as the 2010, I find that there have been substantial advancements from 2000. However, most are not what I need, but is more in keeping with the other present Office programs. The ribbon bar takes some getting use to in order to find one’s way around. I had the foresight to order Microsoft’s “plain & simple” tutorial which proved to be a big help although basically for what I use the program for there is not much change. I am still using programs created with Access 97 with 2010. Access is a powerful program capable of many things. However, for me at 73 years and retired and using it for personal uses I’d like to see a non commercial, less expensive version similar to the Office’s Student and Home.

  • R. Novak - Can anyone Say Beta Version? Update 3/26/11 Cheats

    What a piece of crap. I have played older Hoyle Casino games and had a blast and hardly no trouble. It seems all I have had was trouble with this game. My favorite games are blackjack and Poker. I like to play tournament style more than anything. Well its sure no fun when you can't open or raise, and that's just what has happened when I play any poker tournament above $5000.00. It sets the open and raise to 0. All I can do is check and call. The thing that gets me mad is when I can play a game that I can bet and raise there is another problem. Say the max bet is $250. Say one of the computer players opens up at the max bet. I can only call and can't raise however any of the other computer players can raise. I don't get it if the max bet is $250.00 and I can't raise how can they? Other nonessential problems I noticed a computer player no longer has any money in blackjack the dealer still goes through the motion of giving them a card. You see it for a sec then it disappears. Other problems that I have seen is during poker. I have seen the dealer drop the flop by a player then it Disappeared and reappeared in the normal spot. Another poker problem is that when you are playing 7 cards, sometimes the cards are partially hidden because of how they are being laid on the table. So you have to guess is that and ACE or a four. there are other minor annoyances but these are enough, and I think you get the picture. I tried a few time times to contact encore about this and I have not heard a peep from them. By the way I am running Vista so it should work. I got so frustrated that I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. NOPE! did not work. not only that but it also remembered who I was and all my other stats. I even went as far as to go into my regedit (Which I do not recommend you do unless you really know what you are doing) after uninstalling it again. Found tons of keys left in there from the game got rid of all of them. reinstalled it and still having the same problems, still had all my stats. This is worse to get off your computer than a Norton product. This acts just like Beta program. It's junk, and unless they fix the problem and get in touch with me about it, you can bet I will never by another piece of their software.

  • Dorothy - Great cord

    This works great for charging my iPhone and my i Pad. Plus I can take it with me when I travel.The extra long charge cable is a wonderful addition.