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  • Kendall Cork - Multi Purposeful and easy to clean!

    This is an better than any other thermometer that I have ever used. I actually think this is better than those stupid under the tongue ones that my doctors still use. This works both for the forehead and with the ear canal. I love that there is the removable cap to expose the ear canal probe. This is actually really accurate with the forehead and ear reader. They gave me the same results multiple times that I have used this. This has great features like the different color backlighting for different temperature reads and the extra benefit of beeping and red light when the temperature is out of normal range. This reads the temperature quickly and effectively. I love how easy this is to clean and sanitize as well. I always keep alcohol wipes in the house for just this sort of thing. Makes it super easy to keep clean especially when multiple people in the house are sick and need to use this. Overall this is a great thermometer that will replace all of the under the tongue ones in no time.

  • david falcone - MASTERPIECE!

    How is it possible to squeeze 250 years of serious history into 2 heavily illustrated volumes of about 300 pages each? I don't how the author did it --- but he did!

  • Joanne M. Friedman - Use it correctly, and your curls spring!

    Unfortunately, the "Vine" sticker covered the instructions on the jar, so my first trial of this product was less than stellar. I used a decent gob about equal to the amount of my current fave product that I use regularly, squished it through my wet hair, and when my hair dried it appeared as if I'd taken a shower in Vaseline. Not a good look for an older woman. My hair is fine, dry, and curly. Through experimentation, I found that Motions Naturally You, Define My Curls Creme is best for me on dry hair that has fallen flat or gone frizzy. Just a TINY smidge on the palms of my hands smoothed through my curls makes my hair spring right back into its prettiest curls with lots of shine and body to boot. The frizz disappears instantly, even after a day in the rain and wind. I'm sure with additional experimentation I'll find even more uses for this lightly-scented (no heavy fragrance, thank goodness!) gel-creme.

  • Eric - a functional, durable man purse

    I've had various Timbuktu bags over the years and I love the Classic Messenger Bag - a design I think is hard to improve upon.

  • Sandy - Rubbish rubbish rubbish

    It's a shame that there isn't an option for zero stars, that would suit these tests perfectly. First Response used to be the most reliable tests but somewhere along the line they must've felt they were being challenged (obviously well) by other leaders in the field such as Clearblue and as a result have produced these ridiculous tests. I have had heartbreak month upon month using these tests and rightly asked for a refund for several orders. They aren't faulty, they are so "sensitive" they pick up on hcg levels that aren't there! No chemical pregnancy, no normal pregnancy, just a crap test from a manufacturer who has seriously compromised on quality. If I'm not pregnant I do NOT want to see a faint pink line appearing within the correct timeframe on ALL of these tests and from DIFFERENT batches. There should be no line at all and that'd be fine instead of raising my hopes for nothing. Utter rubbish to put it mildly. Stick with Clearblue.

  • Ethan Mercado - Cleanse

    This product was decent but I have definitely used ones that are more effective. The first two days was nothing exciting but that is normal. I feel the effects of the pills definitely wore off towards the end and didn't have as big of an effect the following 4 days. It was a great way to cleanse but I would recommend a longer dosage or to do this cleanse a little more frequently. Usually you can do cleanses every 6-8 weeks but for this one I would say closer to 6 weeks.

  • Laura Rao - So far so good.

    Its not my Samsung Galaxy S 3 that I had.But I have had it over a week now and it is everything I need in a phone.