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Home Page | Intrexon - Through the engineering of biology, Intrexon is helping to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges and is working with industry and government leaders to realize a better, healthier planet.  Today our platform is being employed to deliver new therapies in health, supply unique solutions to address global energy demand, develop unparalleled features and productivity advancements in food, create innovative applications for consumers, and help to restore and protect the environment.

  • http://www.dna.com/Company/Our-Company Company | Intrexon - Intrexon is a leader in the field of synthetic biology. Using our Better DNA® suite of proprietary and complementary technologies, we design, build and regulate gene programs and cellular systems to enable the development of new and improved products and processes across a variety of market sectors, including Health, Food, Energy and Environment.
  • http://www.dna.com/Company/Our-Platform Our Platform | Intrexon - Host neutral — outcome oriented. Knowledge driven. Rationally designed. Capable of complexity. Industrial scale.
  • http://www.dna.com/Company/Operating-Units-and-Divisions Operating Units & Divisions | Intrexon - To generate economically viable and scalable solutions to the world’s challenges, Intrexon’s research and development capabilities are driven by core technology, R&D divisions and operating units.
  • http://www.dna.com/Company/History/Our-Commitment Our Commitment | Intrexon - The world population is currently seven billion and continuing to grow at an exponential rate.  With this growth, food and energy supplies and environmental and health resources are becoming increasingly difficult to access. The current path of the global economy is unsustainable— new solutions are necessary to preserve and globally expand a high quality of life. We believe that synthetic biology is the solution.
  • http://www.dna.com/Technologies Technologies | Intrexon - Intrexon’s continual process of design-build-test-learn has generated a knowledge base of performance characteristics for individual genetic components, as well as multi-component assemblies in multiple cellular contexts. Utilizing this database and accompanying software tools, Intrexon rapidly designs and constructs single and multi-gene programs with predictable outcomes.
  • http://www.dna.com/Technologies/Cell-Systems-Informatics Cell Systems Informatics | Intrexon - Intrexon’s cell systems informatics platform permits faster design as well as efficient testing and learning about new gene targets or product pathways.  By integrating our proprietary database and genome-scale model construction system with bioinformatics and computational biology tools, our cell systems informatics platform enables greater predictability in metabolic and cell engineering.  Intrexon’s comprehensive knowledge of broad host organisms, from microbe to mammal, enables the discovery, generation, and validation of multiple routes for product development.  Together these capabilities and expertise afford us a distinct advantage in the design and optimization of biologically-based solutions, including the development of high value production cell lines.
  • http://www.dna.com/Technologies/Protein-Engineering Protein Engineering | Intrexon - Intrexon’s bioinformatics and computational modeling platform is central to our protein engineering expertise, which focuses on designing enhanced and/or novel protein functionalities, including stability, localization, and catalytic activity.  To modulate these protein properties, we utilize the UltraVector® platform’s modular design method to separate proteins into functional elements.  Our protein engineering utilizes principles of structural biology, computational chemistry, molecular biology and bioinformatics.  Intrexon’s proprietary database of information catalogs comprehensive information about the genetic and protein components based on structure-based sequence alignment, de novo and comparative protein modeling, molecular dynamics simulation and free energy analysis.
  • http://www.dna.com/Technologies/AttSite-Recombinases AttSite™ Recombinases | Intrexon - Intrexon’s AttSite™ serine recombinases enable targeted gene delivery in engineered cell lines for broad applications.  Recombinases break and rejoin DNA at specific sequences to direct integration of a transgene into a host cell genome, as well as to control gene excision.  In carrying out unidirectional, irreversible recombination, Intrexon’s AttSite™ technology provides stable and efficient gene integration and comprises robust activity in a wide range of hosts, including human cells, rodent stem cells, and plant cells.  By facilitating insertion of genes of interest at predictable genomic locations, our recombinases are designed to reduce the time and costs associated with developing production cell lines.  
  • http://www.dna.com/Technologies/Antibody-Discovery Antibody Discovery | Intrexon - mAbLogix™ is our proprietary cell-based platform that derives human antibodies using a fully in vitro system. This process involves construction of human B-cell libraries, which are then screened against a chosen antigen. Our discovery process is differentiated by the large size of human B-cell libraries generated and by the rapid, cell-based screening process. Together, these capabilities allow us to quickly explore the entire human antibody repertoire and generate fully human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against diverse antigens.
  • http://www.dna.com/Technologies/AgaricusNeurospora Neurospora & Agaricus Platforms | Intrexon - The Agaricus platform is a proprietary mushroom-based transformation technology, which enables improvements in button mushroom crop trait development, including yield, disease, and quality traits. Each year the United States produces approximately 700 million pounds of button mushrooms, the pre-eminent edible mushroom species in the world. The mushrooms have a long history as a safe food and are well studied genetically. Additionally, button mushrooms allow for efficient gene transfer and genetic manipulation and can also be utilized as biofactories to produce biological molecules at large scale.
  • http://www.dna.com/Technologies/Endometrial-Regenerative-Cells Endometrial Regenerative Cells | Intrexon - Endometrial Regenerative Cells ("ERC" or "ERCs") are universal donor adult-derived stem cells with the potential for providing clinical benefit in engineered cell-based therapies for conditions such as cancer, inflammation, and a number of orphan diseases.  ERCs are derived from the endometrium and are isolated through non-invasive methods. 
  • http://www.dna.com/Technologies/BeyondBio BeyondBio™ | Intrexon - The BeyondBio™ platform combines the principles of precision engineering, statistical modeling, automation, and lean production to power the next generation of optimized biological designs for unique DNA-based solutions across broad markets.   This platform provides a gateway to Intrexon’s suite of technologies through an intuitive, easy-to-use scientific portal available from the internet browser of a desktop computer.
  • http://www.dna.com/Markets/Health Health | Intrexon - Synthetic biology is transforming the development of human and animal therapeutics in ways unimaginable just a decade ago.  The unreliable and costly process of discovery and development for new medicine is being replaced by a systems approach that includes genetic, molecular, and cellular engineering and computational biology.

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    This is a pretty crappy combo. The vacuum works very poorly and if the steam pad is on, it doesn't glide as well; but if the steam pad is off, the velcro that keeps the pad on inhibits the movement of the vacuum. I kept it only to use as a steam cleaner; which is does mediocre, at best. The hardware to keep the handle onto the vacuum body was not included in the box so I should have returned it right then and there but decided to keep it to supplement the other floor cleaning devices i have to have because this unit didn't live up to my hopes. Spend a few extra bucks and get a better model.

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