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  • Gwen - The absolute BEST PRICE

    I have never seen this low price before. Usually I pay $10 for one 16-oz bottle of BreathRx and this is the same price for the economy size 33-ozs AND free shipping as a Prime Member. As a result, I ordered two bottles to use as refills in my bathrooms. Thank you Amazon!

  • Lidia Lucas - AWESOME!

    "Why not?" I thought. I am glad I followed my heart. Fat Girl Slim is GREAT! Give it 2-3 weeks, you'll see "REAL" results.

  • Maureen Mirador - Don't ever try that Idol Lash that they offer for ...

    Don't ever try that Idol Lash that they offer for free trial! They will charge you a lot and send you products without your authorization. And also charge you for membership without informing you! I needed to cancel my credit card because of Idol Lash company! DON'T TRY IT AT ALL, it's not effective.

  • w sato - mmm lemon pepper

    love lemon pepper, i put it on practically everything. what more is there to say, just needed a big jar.

  • nathan connely - poor quality and assurance

    I want to start by saying the bike is good quality, the issue I have is that they sent the wrong size peddle. So I had to go buy a peddle for 30.00 my kid was very let down

  • Lucia M. Fronterotta - I use Isagenics to lose weight for events, but unrealistic to use your entire life.

    I have read a gamut of reviews on isagenics. I am not a nutritional expert, but I am highly educated. To be completely honest, I have used the stuff for about three years now on and off. I have a love hate for isagenics because I do see changes when doing a 9-day cleanse or a 30-day cleanse. I have done these cleanses when I am preparing for an event (like my wedding)...but maintaining this weight loss is very difficult. My first issue with isagenics is it makes me have diarrhea. I can't put my finger on it, but I am definitely intolerant to the vanilla shakes and the cleanse day tea. I can't fully decide if it's the magnesium content or the lactose. My husband jokes because he says, "Well, of course you lose weight. You starve yourself then you poo yourself to death." What isagenics did is teach me how you need to make sure you're getting enough protein in your diet, and not all healthy foods are created equal. You get more nutrition from some organic products, but do your research on what is necessary and what is not necessary in the realm of organics. I am also not a fan of the amount of sugar in the shakes, and I feel like sometimes it bloats me. My question is where does the sugar come from, frustose? It just seems iffy to me always because every diet on earth warms about the consumption of sugar and fructose, and I've also experienced some weight gain while on isagenix. I've read that the the proteins found in the powdered milk they use are so denatured that they are unrecognizable by the body and contribute to inflammation...which might be why I do sometimes gain weight while on the shakes.

  • Melissa A. Dunn - Good but not great

    I like to refer this, but it is not the original as I thought. Still a good reference though, I do use it quite often.