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  • Ocie - Buyer beware

    I bought a set of these to hang some pictures at home. One picture fell because I left it up after attaching to the wall instead of waiting an hour to reattach (directions were vague on that point). I then followed the directions to the letter and the frame stayed up for about a week before it finished the work of destroying the frame and leaving more marks on the wall and trim.

  • nmh5001 - Inexpensive bluetooth

    Seemed like a great little receiver when I got it. It was exactly what I was looking for to turn my motorcycle helmet into a bluetooth helmet. Unfortunately, it cuts out far too frequently. Just looking over my shoulder cuts the signal. The manufacturer suggested not blocking the line of sight between the phone and the unit. Seems a bit pointless to have a wireless receiver that requires a laser-beam clear connection. My car can continue playing my music from my phone when I run back inside to grab the wallet that I forgot, through the steel of the car and the bricks of the house, but this unit can't get a signal through blue jeans? I'll find a use for it, but I'm disappointed.

  • Author Ronda Del Boccio - Fast, great characters and graphics

    I bought this as a gift, and I waited until the receiver had used it for a few days before writing the review.

  • pukey - USELESS

    Item did no work, should be given ZERO stars. Raid drivers missing intel suggested buying a raid control card from third party.

  • アイ - Really Works!!

    When I was 25yo my colleague encouraged me to have facial and that's when my nightmare with acne begins (Before that my face was not flawless but I just had 1 or 2 pimples once in a while). Never had this kind of acne my whole life until that moment. I'd been to several dermatologists after that incident. Been on & off with isotretinoin - this drug actually works! But once you stopped, acne came back with vengeance. And once again my Dermatologist told me that it's the only option that really works for me. This drug is really strong that's taking over my daily mood, thinning hair (good thing I have very thick hair! but still..)and I had joint pains and I'm only in my late 20's! So i decided to search for a topical drug that really fights acne and my search engine kept on mentioning acne.org. And so I decided to try it and it really works on me! I actually told my friend who's also suffering from adult acne about this but sadly she have an allergic reaction to BP.

  • K.M Gabriel - AMAZING Keyboard!

    Exactly what I expected! The colours are AMAZING! For any gamer or lover of "clicky" keys, this is the keyboard for you. I have the BlackWidow Chroma mouse and the two sync up to change colour together! The colours are pleasing and change at a great speed. With the Synapse control, you can change anything you want about this keyboard. The response time is amazing. I hardly have to apply pressure to move my characters in game. The five, programmable keys to the left make assigning keys a breeze! Worth it for the ease of installation and the ports on the side for MIC, Speaker/headset and USB!

  • Tess - Glad i chose this

    Did a lot of research for this budget range. Glad i chose this. Fantastic zoom and picture quality, image stabiliser is very good when filming whilst walking, really small, truly is a palmcorder, and so far seems really robust, I just chuck it in my pocket or small back pack, I've dropped it on the patio, and it just refuses to die, never had an issue with the battery life. Yes the menus can be a tad fiddly, but no more than the other makes I looked at, for the price I think it's great even after a year of ownership