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  • Christina! - Good Facial Cleanser, Doesn't Help with Acne

    I have moderately heavy acne on the sides of my face and sometimes my chin and forehead. I've tried proactiv along with other products and none of them worked well for me.

  • Melissa A. Dunn - Good but not great

    I like to refer this, but it is not the original as I thought. Still a good reference though, I do use it quite often.

  • Dorothy Osbourne - This Taffy ROCKS

    I have tried so many of these texturizers to piece my hair and also hold it in place. PLUS, I don't wash my hair every day, so I look for something that doesn't leave that flake in your hair, and is easy to brush out or rinse out. This is fantastic. The only other product that comes close is Smudge, by White Sands, but this has more holding power. Glad I found out about this from my stylist.

  • Biggles - Some of the worse writing EVER

    OMG this is just plain awful. Why is it that every vampire "girlfriend" can't just be normal. No, she has to have something special. Then, you have to add to the mix some of the worst and most boring writing ever. Frankly, nothing really happens. Vampire meets girl. Girl is conflicted. Girl mopes around for X pages and falls for vampire. Ta-dum. I've just saved you some $$ and a bit of time. Go read some of the better vampire yarns (Real Vampires, The Chicagoland Vampires, etc), but not this horrid mess.

  • G. Burns - Done with Windex, This is so much better.

    I have been using this product for years and in my opinion it is the best window cleaner by far. I was given a free can of this cleaner by a windshield installer after a truck threw a rock through my car windshield. The installer told me that it was the best cleaner he had ever found, and again in my opinion he was totally correct.