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  • golflover2001 - The Directions are terrible.

    What a great idea. what a great design. What terrible directions on how to use it. The directions are

  • Ri¢her - Exceptional Quality and Design

    I've owned many types of solar garden lights and this one is by far the best one. The stainless steel body gives it a contemporary look as well as providing good protection from the weather. One of the best features I find useful is the on/off switch. This feature allows it to be stored away without draining the battery or when you don't want it to be in use such as during the winter time. Overall, this is a high quality item that is durable and makes your walkway look beautiful and bright!

  • Carrie - Works great

    Works great. I just love Amazon. Before Amazon, everything I needed would have been a trip to a different store. Now, if I need something – just about anything, I go and look at Amazon first. It’s amazing that I can buy everything from It’s amazing that I can buy everything from cereal, dog food, nail products, clothing, household items and electronics. Along those lines, buying this drip pans is just another example of the wonder that is Amazon. I have been very impressed with the huuuge selection on Amazon. I don’t think there is anything that you cant buy on Amazon, short of perishable foods. Most of the time you can the items cheaper than you can in the local store, but not always. Then we have the additional spectacular invention that is Amazon prime. This praise and rant doesn’t mean that I think Amazon is perfect, and I have had a few problems here and there, but over all – Amazon is my go to place for everything I need to buy, except groceries. Thank you Amazon for being around, once again….I love Amazon.

  • JenM - In the mood for saltyor sweet? With this product you don't have to choose

    In the mood for saltyor sweet? With this product you don't have to choose. You can snack on salty cheezits or sweet chocolatey keebler cookies. Even better, these treats come in a portioned package to prevent too much snackage. These are also great for school and day care snacks and treats!

  • OkieMe - Absolutely love!

    Since I've been taking these, my nails and hair is less brittle. My nails are strong and long, and stay that way. They used to chip and break so often I'd keep them all short. Now they're long and gorgeous.

  • Joyce Agren - Luinessair.com

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