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Neurosurgeon Phoenix - Scottsdale - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Dr. Peter Nakaji is a highly trained neurosurgeon specializing in minimally-invasive surgical techniques.

  • http://www.drnakaji.com/contact Contact Us - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Contact the practice of Dr. Peter Nakaji to learn more about available treatment for brain conditions. 
  • http://www.drnakaji.com/procedures Brain Surgery Phoenix - Scottsdale - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Dr. Peter Nakaji specializes in a range of brain surgery procedures, including minimally invasive surgery and endoscopic nasal surgery.
  • http://www.drnakaji.com/conditions-we-treat Neurological Conditions Phoenix - Scottsdale - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Dr. Peter Nakaji has extensive experience in the treatment of a range of neurological conditions.
  • http://www.drnakaji.com/procedures/minimally-invasive-surgery Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery Phoenix - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Dr. Nakaji is a pioneer of "keyhole" neurosurgery, a minimally invasive brain surgery technique that uses tiny incisions in the skull and brain. 
  • http://www.drnakaji.com/conditions-we-treat/aneurysms Aneurysm Phoenix - Scottsdale - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Dr. Peter Nakaji offers diagnosis and treatment for a range of cerebrovascular conditions, including instances of an aneurysm in the brain. 
  • http://www.drnakaji.com/conditions-we-treat/brain-tumors Brain Tumor Phoenix - Scottsdale - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Dr. Peter Nakaji is a globally respected neurosurgeon who can help if you or a loved one is affected by a brain tumor.
  • http://www.drnakaji.com/procedures/endoscopic-endonasal-surgery Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery Phoenix - Scottsdale - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Dr. Peter Nakaji is an expert in endoscopic endonasal surgery for the treatment of brain tumors, CSF leaks, and other brain conditions.
  • http://www.drnakaji.com/procedures/radio-surgery Radiosurgery Phoenix - Scottsdale - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Dr. Peter Nakaji specializes in minimally invasive neurosurgery techniques, including the use of radiosurgery.
  • http://www.drnakaji.com/procedures/laser-thermal-ablation Laser Thermal Ablation Surgery Phoenix - Scottsdale - Dr. Peter Nakaji - Dr. Nakaji offers laser thermal ablation surgery to address tumors deep within the brain that cannot be easily accessed using other treatment methods. 

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    I love my mats! They fit perfect and came just in time for wet, snowy weather. They are a little pricey but so worth it!

  • S. Yard - Too much excess blah blah blah

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  • R. Wilson - Great for the money! BUT if cables insert in back of your TV, read on!

    I mounted my 42" Panasonic Plasma to the wall with this, instructions are a bit convoluted (it's actually way easier to put this together than it looks!) but I was able to mount it (even with my studs being spaced strangely) and it holds it perfectly, well almost, my particular TV's power connector I guess is kind of big and using RCA cables for my game system and a couple of HDMI cables, they were being crushed because of how low profile this is, to get around this, I had to extend the Safety Screws to prevent the bottom part from attaching, this gave the perfect amount of space for my cables BUT, if someone is underneath the TV and accidently pushed up it could fall (the purpose of the safety screws prevents this but since I use them to give space, this is my fault if something happens). Otherwise, it's perfectly secure as long as no one pushes up on it.

  • tyler dupre - Great kitchen aid!

    My girlfriend and I love cooking. We always cook from scratch too. We definitely do not like frozen foods! She got that from her family. They are always the ones cooking at all the big family gatherings and do not get me wrong; I love it! The food is so good and fresh. Anyway, along with fresh ingredients comes fresh spices. There is nothing like some fresh ground pepper going on top of your cooking. I just so happened to have been browsing through the internet when I came across this mighty little wonder. The idea seemed very intriguing and with that price, I figured I had nothing to lose! I ordered it and it arrived in a couple of days. We opened it up and immediately threw some fresh pepper inside to try it out. It is so easy! All you do is open the compartment, put in your spice, close it up, and squeeze the grabber. The mechanism on the inside crushes it all up and lets it fall out the bottom. This little instrument is pretty cool and speeds up the cooking process a little. Great item. I would greatly recommend this cooking helper to anyone who loves to cook fresh! I received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.