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  • Kylie Zeigler - Sad but true.

    I love the scent. The conditioner is sticky and doesn't hydrate as much as I'd like. The shine cream doesn't give me any shine at all. I'm not trying to be picky or anything.. I've been using Fekkai for a couple years now, but quite honestly I don't see a difference when I switched back to cheaper shampoos and conditioners. In fact, joico has been my go-to rescuer when it comes to hydration, smell, softness and shine. Not worth the money. All you're paying for is the name.

  • Mizkayte - Helps my RLS

    I've noticed that my RLS symptoms have lessened since I started taking this. It took a couple weeks, but is definitely helping. I also sleep better. I've combined a dose of this with some magnesium lotion since magnesium is absorbed well dermally. Between the two, I think my levels are back to normal.

  • Sfunk - Both of my dogs (both different breeds) ended up with ...

    Both of my dogs (both different breeds) ended up with severe rashes all around their necks where the collar was.. I've never had this happen before so I'm not sure why or what caused it.

  • Chandler Bechtel - Typos, wrong answers, and foolishness

    This book is SWARMING in typos, wrong answers, and even gives wrong formulas. (EX: Percent = whole / part) You have to double check ALL of your work because they have wrong answers. I've never seen such horrible editting. I've counted over 15 typos / misprints. It does have 2 practice tests, but even those questions have typos and grammatical errors. Don't buy, get another brand.

  • Louie - Found this on Amazon.com

    My husband has been collecting these Hess Trucks for a few years now. The Hess gas stations around here had run out of this one and he wasn't able to get one at Christmas. My grandson found them on Amazon and purchased one for him for an after Christmas present and now he is caught up on his collection.

  • Timothy Ngo - Excellent screen protector with easy application.

    The intelliarmor was extremely easy to put on. Was able to slide the glass around to position it before applying pressure. After positioning I applied pressure on one corner and voila no bubbles. Easiest screen protector I've put on so far. Works well with the shield pen when writing as well as finger taps and finger swipes.

  • B. White - Pretty amazing stuff

    I used 4 of these in a small bedroom with walk in closet that was closed off for a year. I was amazed when one year later there was no dampness in the room at all (ground floor carpet over slab) .... and no musty order. They were each about half "full." I know this only because I put them into the garage and wow... the buckets were solid in a week!