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Outreach Services | Substance Abuse Referral | Addiction Treatment Consultants - Outreach services provides confidential assessments and referrals for drug and alcohol treatment options, alcoholism rehab centers, detox, dual-diagnosis and other rehabilitation options.

  • http://www.drugandalcoholrehabchoices.com/aboutus.html Outreach Services Chemical Dependency Recovery Referral Services - Drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehab programs, drug rehab center, substance abuse and alcohol treatment centers, offering comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation program referrals for addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation and treatment.
  • http://www.drugandalcoholrehabchoices.com/testimonial.html Testamonials | Addiction Treatment Consultants | Drug Rehab Referral - Read client testimonials regarding their placement services andexpertise for alcoholism, drug addictions and co-occurring disorders.
  • http://www.drugandalcoholrehabchoices.com/detox.html Addiction Withdrawal, Detox | Suboxone | Opiate Dependence - Learn about opiate dependence, withdrawal, biophysicaldetoxification, Subutex and Suboxone and drug descriptions and effects.
  • http://www.drugandalcoholrehabchoices.com/family.html Family Support in Addiction Recovery | Relationship Repair - Addiction is a family affliction. Addicts are responsible for pastbehavior, but long term recovery involves repairing and rebuilding relationships and family support.
  • http://www.drugandalcoholrehabchoices.com/relapse.html Chronic Relapse Treatment | Drug Rehab Referral | Addiction Treatment Placement - A discussion of addiction relapse, adolescent risk, relapseprevention and understanding, contributing factors and relapse prevention among adults andadolescents
  • http://www.drugandalcoholrehabchoices.com/trauma_disorders.html Trauma Disorders | Addiction Treatment Placement | Mental Health Consultants - Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder developingafter exposure to a terrifying event in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened.
  • http://www.drugandalcoholrehabchoices.com/mental_health.html Mental Health Placement Services | Bipolar Disorder | Depression - Learn about mental health treatment options, including facilitiesthat treat Bipolar disorder, depression, suicide, dysthymic disorder and anxiety disorders, OCD,schizophrenia, phobias and panic disorders.

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