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  • teetlebum - These are JUNK,do NOT waste your money !

    These tablets are just plain JUNK ! They work for a short time and then they have problems. AND you have to pay $35.00 to send it back and they will send you a new one, WHICH by the way, also bit the dust in less than a month !

  • Thrifty Mom - This product is great! I can use it without having an energy ...

    This product is great! I can use it without having an energy crash like you do with sugar based products. Love love love it.

  • Kaher - Don't tell your wife

    My wife wanted another child but I kept insisting that it wasn't the right time financially. I ordered this cable thinking my TV shows won't buffer whole watching cable, but my wife flipped sh*ts when she found out how much I spent on this. Currently typing this review while sleeping on the couch.

  • Dave Newman - Works well

    Our Mini Schnauser has comedo syndrome and this shampoo really does the trick. It removes the bumps and helps heal him up for a week or so at a time. Initially we were using it 3x a week as prescribed by our vet and now down to weekly. Well recommended.

  • Robin Lea - Informative and entertaining!

    I got this either free or for a couple of dollars - I can't remember. I had a lot of fun reading it. So many little-known random facts...great conversation starters! I love how the author meanders from topic to topic. I placed lots of bookmarks, To help me find my favorite bits later. Recommended!

  • G.B. - A must read if health/weight is an issue for you

    This is one, if not, the best books on diet and health that I've run across. Dr. Hymen walks you through the reasons that we can't lose weight or have health issues and continue and the reasons why we yo-yo up and down wilt health and weight, over and over again. His main emphases is on sugar, sugar substitutes, processed food - which by the way, if you pull out what you have in your cupboards and freezer, you will find either sugar or a sugar substitute in every box, can, bottle etc... I did this about halfway through the book and was totally blown away. There is now way the one can win over an addiction with sugar, you don't stand a chance. Like smoking, it is totally addictive. In studies, sugar is as, if not more than, addictive that heroin and it is insured that it is in most foods that we eat. Dr. Hyman's second strategy is to attempt to get his readers off of processed foods and back to eating fresh produce and meats. My wife and I started the detox fast and the emotional need for sugar has already subsided. Personally, my sleep is more sound, not waking up at night due to neuropathy, then trying to get back to sleep. My energy level is way up and My main interest in the book was for health issues, which he addresses well and my Wife's interest is for weight loss, not a problem of mine. Okay, I'm not a ghost writer for Dr. Hymen. I'm an individual that has been suffering health issues for the past 8 years and decided to take a chance on this book. From what I've seen and felt over the past few days, I see nothing but a positive outlook for the future. Thanks for reading.

  • Jeffery F Ghezzi - For the price they could have supplied better grade screws or stainless

    I agree with all the comments except the screws and allen wrench are JUNK. The wrench is a sloppy fit into the allen heads and without much pressure the heads strip. I would not use the bolts that came with the cross bars if I had it to do over. For the price they could have supplied better grade screws or stainless .