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  • Happy Gurl - Impressive name, cheap knives

    These are not the Henckels knives of my father's day. They are very sharp in the beginning and then grow duller over time. They are a good basic kitchen knife but definately not a steller German made knife.

  • David G - Plugged heater core

    It plugged my heater core as soon as I put it in. It stopped the small leak temporarily, would not recommend

  • Betty Jean Kemme - Kaspersky review

    This is the 3rd year I've had Kaspersky and had the worst time installing it. Normally I have no problems but this time it took a week due to problems with it. And although I've registered it 3 times, it still tells me it isn't registered. It also tells me it needs to be updated, yet when I check, it claims I'm updated. It basically doesn't know what it is talking about.

  • Sole Man - Arrived broken, works well after warranty repair

    The unit arrived fast, but did not work after assembly. The data cables had crush marks on them out of the box (yeah for chinese manufacturing!). I called Sole and a 2-3 week process began to get parts and a technician out to fix the brand new unit. To their credit, Sole did fix the problem, but I am dismayed that a $1000 treadmill can show up broken. Sole is a US company, but most of the unit is made in China. Someone at Sole needs to get their manufacturing partners in line.