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Educate for Life | An India of Happy, Healthy Childhoods - Educate for Life action-research sustainable development by running a school in rural India that integrates education, healthcare, and community work.

  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/who-we-are/approach/ Our Mission in Rural India | Educate for Life - Learn about our vision, mission statements, and approach to education in rural India.
  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/partners/ Partners of Educate for Life | Educate for Life - We are very grateful to our partners whose generosity helps us to sustain and develop our work in Bakhel.
  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/resources/ Resources | Educate for Life - A repository of resources that include research studies on needs of the community, impact of interventions and inform the way ahead.
  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/our-work/running-an-action-research-school/ Our School in Rural India | Educate for Life - Learn more about our school, Hunar Ghar, which has 412 children enrolled from kindergarten to class 8.
  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/our-work/supporting-health-community/ Supporting Health & Community | Educate for Life - Learn about the social services that we provide in rural India to support and help the local populace.
  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/support-us/ Support Rural Education Across India | Educate for Life - Have a personal impact: support us to support rural education from the individual to national level across India
  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/project-hub/ Support & Donate: Project Hub | Educate for Life - Find out about the different projects we run and how you can support. However small or big your support, it has a direct impact on the lives of our children
  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/apply Apply now: Join the Educate for Life team - We're hiring! Join the Educate for Life team and become a part of our movement of change in rural India.
  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/donate/ Donate to Support Change in Education | Educate for Life - Donate to a small charity to make a real difference in integrated development. 100% of your donation goes to project costs only.
  • https://www.educateforlife.org.uk/support-us/become-a-friend/ Become a Friend of Educate for Life | Educate for Life - Become a Friend of Educate for Life to create change in rural development in India through integrated education, health, and community work.

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