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  • avena - Then next morning i rinse it out with cool water and my hair i super super moisturized

    I shampo my kinky 4ab hair then sleep with this over night. Then next morning i rinse it out with cool water and my hair i super super moisturized. This is deffinitely a staple in my cabinet

  • Nettie - What is really going on?

    While the actual lessons are very good, the instructions and quizzes are NOT GOOD AT ALL! Sorry, but there are not enough details in the instructions and the quizzes have too many errors and there should be hands on. I've only gone through the first of the three quizzes, and of course there should be questions that require an explanation, however, not every single question! Where are the hands-on? Also, if you don't have Internet or your Internet is slow, DO NOT buy this. I think maybe the other two reviews were written by people who knows Kirt Kershaw, which by the way, good try Kirt. but it would have been a great idea to test this on several people and get their honest opinions before you put this on the market. This has been more frustrating than anything. Oftentimes the lessons and quizzes will not open.Keep trying! I continue to use it (when it acts right) because I spent my money on it. It isn't worth the price. I decided to create my on quizzes from the lessons. Some will require explanations and most will require hands-on!

  • Nakeria Thomas - However I'm not happy with the packaging

    After using the product on a bald patch for about a week, I do see new hair starting to grow in. However I'm not happy with the packaging. It's very deceiving, the bottle is big but the amount of product is very little. I bought it a week ago and after using it twice daily per the instructions, the bottle is empty. Guess I'll be ordering a larger bottle this time.

  • DaveMeister - Kaspersky 2012

    Couldn't be more let down by this product than I have been. From ordering, to obtaining license codes, to installation, and use of the product. Can't help but note that for the installation of 2012, there is no option to select the destination folder for the installation by default. So, as you execute the installation (in this case from CD), it simply tries to unpack the CAB file to your C: Drive and start the installation, whether you have disk space or not. This is disgraceful programming for a COmpany the size of Kaspersky.

  • Morgan - If you want results and a bright white smile, this is where it's at 100%

    This thing went BEYOND my expectations. For $50, I got what most people would get if they went straight to the dentist to get their teeth whitened. I've only used it once, and the results I got after one use is even more than I expected to get out of the entire package. But I still have 4 uses left! I am beyond happy with this product. Other reviews that say it makes their teeth sensitive, must have super sensitive teeth. Another review I read said that it turned their gums white? It does not turn your gums white, but it turns any plaque that was on your teeth super white as well, so floss and brush again when you're done to get all of the left over product off of your teeth. If you want results and a bright white smile, this is where it's at 100%.

  • Nina - Love this charger

    This charger is perfect in so many ways! The charger is pretty efficient and costs much less than the cheapest original apple accessories let alone the charger and lightening cable combo.

  • SwankB - It made my hair manageable!

    Arrived in time and in great condition. I took it straight out of the box and put it to work! Heats pretty quickly, and works as promised. I tried it on my hair (which was not freshly washed, and straight out of cornrows, and still saw a great difference. My hair is natural and ridiculously thick, so any 2-in-1 shortcut is welcomed! This thing here kills two birds with one (heated) brush! Although it didn't get bone-straight, it certainly made my hair more manageable...which is a plus in & of its own.