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Leading UK pathology services from empath - Empath delivers high-quality, reliable pathology services to the NHS, public, and private organisations in the UK and internationally.

  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/about/ About empath's pathology services and laboratories - empath provide pathology services to the NHS, private hospitals and other organisations throughout the UK and internationally.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/about/who-we-are/ A heritage of reliable pathology services from empath - empath is a pathology service partnership between the Nottingham University Hospitals and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS trusts.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/about/customers/ Pathology services for customers in the UK and internationally - Based in the heart of the Midlands, empath provide reliable and efficient pathology services to customers throughout the UK and around the world.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/latest-news-empath-pathology-laboratories/ Latest news from empath pathology laboratories - Stay up-to-date with the latest news from our pathology laboratories and specialist researchers. Subscribe today for email alerts!
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/pathology-services/ Pathology services from empath, a leader in UK pathology - Our pathology laboratories provide a comprehensive range of pathology services for customers in the UK and around the world.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/pathology-services/az-pathology-tests/ Pathology tests- An A-Z list of tests at empath - Need a lab for a specific pathology test? Browse our A-Z list of tests to learn more about our comprehensive pathology services.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/pathology-services/what-we-do/ Pathology labs providing a full-range of services - Our pathology labs specialise in blood sciences, microbiology, biobank, genetics and cellular pathology to provide customers with a comprehensive service.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/pathology-services/quality-assurance/ Quality assured pathology services at empath - empath's laboratories are 100% accredited, allowing us to deliver the highest quality pathology services to the NHS and other organisations.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/careers/ Career opportunities at empath's pathology labs - Find out about the career opportunities available at empath's pathology labs across a range of roles and levels.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/contact-empath-pathology-laboratories/ UK pathology laboratories - Contact empath - Empath's pathology laboratories are located in Nottingham and Leicester. Contact us today to learn more about our pathology services.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/services/department/biobank-research/ Biobank research and state-of-the-art testing at empath - empath is one of the UK's largest biobank research and testing labs, with state-of-the-art systems and leading research projects.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/services/department/blood-sciences/ Blood sciences – specialist and routine tests at empath - empath provide a full range of specialist and routine blood sciences for the NHS, private hospitals and other organisations.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/services/department/microbiology/ Microbiology tests and diagnostics from empath - empath provide a full range of microbiology tests for the NHS, private healthcare providers, and other organisations.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/services/department/genetics/ Genetics lab testing and services from empath - empath's genetics lab provide reliable scientist-led diagnostic services for the NHS and other organisations around the world.
  • http://www.empath.nhs.uk/services/department/cellular-pathology/ Cellular pathology testing and services at empath - Cellular Pathology laboratories provide comprehensive histopathology, cytology, molecular diagnostics, immunophenotyping and mortuary services.

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