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Endodontist Oakland | Root Canal Alameda | East Bay Root Canal - Endo Care & The Endodontic Group Practice of Dr. Ali Rezai are root canal specialists with offices in Oakland, Alameda & Orinda. ☎ 510-547-7668

  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/patient-information/ First Endodontic Visit Oakland CA, Endodontic Consultation Alameda CA - Your first appointment at our Oakland, Alameda & Orinda CA endodontic office will allow us to diagnose your condition and discuss treatment options. 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/patient-information/scheduling/ Scheduling Appointment Oakland CA, Endodontic Schedule Alameda Ca - Schedule an Appointment at Endo Care The Endodontic Group Practice of Dr. Ali Rezai in Oakland CA, Alameda CA and Orinda CA. 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/patient-information/financial-information/ Financial Information Oakland CA, Payment Information Alameda CA - Financial Policy for the Endodontic office of Endo Care The Endodontic Group practice of Dr. Ali Allen Rezai. Insurance information and payment plans. 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/patient-information/privacy-policy/ Notice of Privacy Practices Oakland CA, Alameda CA & Orinda CA - Notice of Privacy Practices. Please download and fill-out our forms. Please make sure to bring them on your first visit. 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/patient-information/faq/ FAQ Endodontics Oakland CA, Root Canal Therapy Alameda CA - Frquently Asked Endodontic Questions. What is Endodontics? What happents after Treatment? 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/procedures/ Introduction Oakland CA, Alameda CA & Orinda CA, Root Canal - You will initially undergo an examination to diagnose orthofacial pain and pulpal injury and determine if the tooth is a good candidate for Endodontic Therapy.
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/procedures/root-canal-therapy/ Root Canal Therapy Oakland CA, Root Canals Alameda CA & Orinda CA - Root Canal Therapy may be needed if a tooth has infection caused by Trauma to the Tooth, Deep Decay, Cracks and Chips or Repeated Dental Procedures. 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/procedures/endodontic-retreatment/ Endodontic Retreatment, Endodontics Oakland, Alameda & Orinda CA - Endodontic Retreatment may be needed if pain occurs for months after Endodontic Treatment. Improper healing may be the cause or new problems may occur.
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/procedures/apicoectomy/ Apicoectomy Oakland CA, Alameda CA & Orinda CA, Root Canal - Endodontic surgery is recommended when, occasionally, non-surgical Root Canal is not enough to saved teeth. 510-547-7668.
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/procedures/fractured-teeth/ Fractured Teeth Oakland, Alameda & Orinda CA - We can treat many types of Fractured Teeth including Craze Lines, Fractured Cusp, Fractured Tooth, Split Tooth, Root Fracture. 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/procedures/traumatic-injuries/ Traumatic Injuries Oakland CA, Emergency Dental Treatment Alameda CA - Treatment for Traumatic Injuries to the face including Dislodged Teeth, Avulsed Teeth and other Dental Emergencies. Emergency Dentist 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/procedures/cone-beam-ct/ Cone Beam CT Oakland CA, Emergency Dental Treatment Alameda CA - Cone Beam CT Sirona's technology extends diagnostic X-ray imaging potential in the fields of implantology, endodontics, periodontics, oral/maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics. Emergency Dentist 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/instructions/ Root Canal Surgical Instructions Oakland CA, Endodontics Alameda CA - Endodontic Surgical Instructions For Root Canal Treatment. There are usually no restrictions after the procedure concerning driving or returning to work.
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/instructions/general-instructions/ General Instructions Endodontic Treatments Oakland CA - General instructions for Endodontic Therapy Patients. After care instructions for Endodontic Treatment. 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/instructions/post-treatment-instructions/ Post Treatment Instructions, After Root Canal, Endodontics Oakland, Alameda & Orinda CA - After Care Instructions for Non-Surgical Root Canal Therapy. For more information please call 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/anxious-patients/ Sedation Dentistry for Anxious Patients Oakland, Alameda, Orinda CA - Endo Care Group & endondontist Ali Allen Rezai, DDS, Sheila Patwardhan, DMD, Tes Milan, DDS, MSD, Yassi Ravandoust, DDS, MS, Nicole Shinbori, DDS, Sahar Dadvand, DDS, Wendy Gulden, DDS, MS, or Reza Hamid, DDS, MS in Oakland CA offers endodontics, 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/meet-us/ Dr. Ali Allen Rezai | Endodontist Oakland CA | Alameda CA | Orinda CA - Endodontist Ali Allen Rezai, DDS is a root canal specialist serving Oakland CA, Alameda CA and Orinda CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. ☎ 510-547-7668
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/meet-us/dr-sheila-patwardhan/ Dr. Sheila Parwardhan | Endodontist in Alameda CA | Oakland CA | Orinda - Endodontist Sheila Patwardhan, DMD is a root canal specialist serving Oakland, Alameda and Orinda in the Bay Area. Call ☎ 510-547-7668.
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/meet-us/dr-wendy-gulden/ Dr Wendy Gulden | Endodontics Group Oakland CA | Endodontist Gulden - Endodontist Wendy Gulden, DDS is a root canal specialist serving Oakland, Alameda and Orinda in the Bay Area. Call ☎ 510-547-7668.
  • http://www.endocaregroup.com/meet-us/dr-sahar-dadvand/ Dr Sahar Dadvand | Endodontics Group Oakland CA | Endodontist Dadvand - Endodontist Sahar Dadvand, DDS is a root canal specialist serving Oakland, Alameda and Orinda in the Bay Area. Call ☎ 510-547-7668.

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  • Lisa - I love this book

    I love this book. It is well organized and easy to use. I was using a different phonics book with my first grader. She hated it and it was a struggle to get her to do the lessons. After we had an accident with that one and it was ruined, I looked for a replacement that she might enjoy more. This one is it. The lessons are engaging and fun for her. She loves it and actually asks me if she work on her phonics book.

  • RonO - Best Spa Leak Sealer I Have Found

    I have had a leak for several years in my 1998 Marquis Spa. I tried several leak sealers, and this is the only one that would seal up the leak. I use a full bottle, let it circulate for a day, then filter it out, and the leak has stopped. It will hold for several months, until I drain and refill the Spa, than the leak is back, so I use another bottle, and it is good for another few months. By the way, I tried using a partial bottle and it did not stop the leak. I have a spa that holds about 350 gallons, and a full 32 oz bottle stopped the leak. My local spa dealer advised that I use a full 32 oz bottle to seal the leak.

  • Gerardo Chapa - Great product

    Great product but the only issue was that it has a slight tear or scratch on the top right corner. If it wasn't for that It would be 5 stars.

  • Amazon Customer - Install Adware for NeroProducts

    Installs Nero popup ads for Nero products when Nero isn't even running! Very annoying being spammed by an owned software. Used it since Nero6 done with it now as no legitimate company should have their software spamming you. Example from a Nero.com forum. I didn't do a screen print of my popup ad. http://forum.nero.com/nero_eng/topics/how_to_stop_the_nag_pop_ups_in_nero_12_5

  • author wannabe - not to good overall

    The game was O.K. but it took up so much space on my device that I had to delete it. Once I deleted that, my previously ssslllooowwww systems worked just fine.